Sunday, February 24, 2008

I've been MIA

I'm sure my lack of running/blogging has not gone unnoticed by someone (probably my dad, LOL!). I was just so sick and decided to take some time off. But I fully intend to work out tomorrow evening, probably with the bike and weights. I have a big lab test in anatomy tomorrow afternoon, so I won't have time for a run.

Meanwhile, I have been trying to do fun things with the kids outside of the home the past few days. Last night, Kara and I went to the mall by ourselves and got her hair cut professionally for the first time. She did great and her hair is so cute (and straight!). Then she got to play at the indoor park there (it has been raining the past few days) and we each had a cookie for a treat. Yum!

Today, we all went to the mall because Matty needed a haircut, too. He looks like a big boy now. He was also great and the woman who cut his hair was impressed by his lack of squirming. One explanation could be that he used all his energy at Bounce-A-Rama right before. It's a place in the mall with huge bounce houses that kids can play on. It's pretty cheap (we paid $5 for 30 minutes, and that was for both kids), and Tim and I got in for free. Parents are allowed to play in the bounce houses as long as they're with their kid. So I followed Matty around and helped him out, as most of the houses has places to climb and big slides. Kara LOVED the slides. We had a blast!

I feel like taking a few days off from working out was the right thing to do. I am starting to finally feel like myself again and actually want to work out now. So look out, because tomorrow I will be back!


Non-Runner Nancy said...

I've noticed, but I have had a hard time catching up myself. I'm so sorry you all got a virus. That is the worst, cuz they do take so long and take so much out of you. I hope you are all starting to feel better. Hope you can get back to running and working out. Great job (as always) on the school work!!

David said...

Wow, I doubt Grace could stay still for 10 seconds. Not without some Nyquil, anyway.

So, you're feeling better? That's good, and I hope the trend continues!!

RunnerGirl said...

glad you're feeling better!