Thursday, July 31, 2008

More, please

Today's run was a good one. I hit the track with Tim and kids in tow for a short run. I hadn't run in more than a week, and the last ones I did bit the big one. So it was nice to actually feel good about a run when it was over. I think Garmin really has bit the dust (need to send him away to get fixed), so I don't know how fast it was, but it felt faster than the past few I had.

Tim and the kids played while I ran. Then we all practiced walking and running backwards for a lap. There's a guy who runs the Trinidad to Clam Beach Run backwards every year, so I just had to try it. It was fun! And I could tell it worked my muscles differently. Tim ran a little, too. I'm proud of him. He's been doing the One Hundred Push Up Challenge with me, and I think that has inspired him to start working out a little more.

I am still thinking about doing the Wildwood Days Run on Saturday. There are two distances: two and seven miles. I am seriously considering the seven-miler, as it would give me a reason to run that distance. If left to my own devices, I don't know if I'd do it. But I really need to start doing distances again, since my next HM is just a few months away.

Today's stats:
Distance: two miles

Monday, July 28, 2008

Ouch, my back!

A few days ago I started having bad pain between my shoulder blades. It felt like a pinched nerve, and got so bad that for a day I could barely move my head to either side, for if I did a shooting pain would run up my back.

I was still feeling bad today, so I paid my chiropractor a visit. He adjusted me (man, it felt so good and the popping sounds were ridiculous!) and sent me on my way. I have to go back on Wednesday, but I can already feel a difference.

In light of this, I have been taking a few days off from running. I decided tonight to take a couple more off because I think my back problem was making running miserable for me.

Despite that, I did manage Day 1 of Week 3 of the 100 Push Up Challenge. The number of push ups increased dramatically today over last week, and I can definitely feel the burn. I also did an easy workout on the elliptical.

Today's stats:
Day 1, Week 3 100 PUP:
Total push ups: 69

Time: 30 minutes

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Oh boy....

...I am scared.

Tim and I took the 100 Push Ups Challenge test today (we just finished Week 2), and we both did well. I did 27 consecutive push ups (I am doing knee push ups still, but I am OK with that), while Tim did 30. That bumps both of us into tier 3 for next week. That means we will have to do a crap load more push ups this week. I am scared!! But happy I can already do a lot more push ups than I could two weeks ago. I could barely do one proper knee push up then. Tim also noticed I'm developing "little guns" (as he put it), aka, biceps. Guess I'll be needing one of these shirts soon:

Don't know if I'll be working out tonight or not. I have been having a pinched nerve-like pain in my back for a few days, so I might just take it easy. If I do work out, I'll come back to update.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy birthday to my mom!

Today is my mom's 61st birthday. Hard to believe I've known her more than half her life. ;-) She's a fabulous lady who deserves a happy day!

Not much else to say. Tim is passed out asleep on the floor, so I guess we should call it a night.

Today's stats:
Day 3, Week 2 of 100 P.U.P.

Time: 30 minutes
Distance: 7.63 miles

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Down on myself

I have modified the beginning of this post because I am just feeling really down on myself tonight and need an outlet to channel the negative energy.

Since being in summer school, I have gained back some of the weight I lost before my HM. I know I tend to get stressed at times and eat to calm myself. I know that is a horrible habit, but that is me. I also bite my nails (speaking of bad habits), but whatever.

In turn, I end up beating myself up emotionally. Then, after I am black and blue inside, I decide to be "better" about it and turn things around for a while. Of course, something else triggers me down the line, and the cycle starts all over again. I have been this way forever. I don't think that it helped that I was quite overweight in junior high school and that people said nasty things to my face about it then.

Anyway, I was just in the shower scolding myself silently about my tummy rolls (which I have had for so long) and my chubby knees (another long-term issue) when I realized I really need to stop being so hard on myself.

I am not a perfect wife.
I am not a perfect mother.
I am not a perfect sister.
I am not a perfect daughter.
I am not a perfect student.
I am not a perfect runner.
I don't have a perfect body.
(And I probably never will)
I don't keep a perfect house.
I don't cook a perfect meal.
I don't balance a perfect checkbook.
I am not perfect in any shape or form.
I am me, and nothing else.
I am trying to be the best me I can be.
I am my biggest critic and nitpick myself to death.
Why can't I find it in myself to be my biggest cheerleader instead?

In other happenings, I am renewing my driver's license tomorrow morning at the DMV, and I am not looking forward to it. But it expires on my birthday in 11 days, and I really need one with a new picture. The picture on my old one was taken in 2003 and I look a lot different now.

At least I will only have one child to drag along, as Kara will be spending a few days with her grandparents. She is so excited! It will give me the chance to spend some quality time with Matty, as he always seems to be overshadowed by his more vocal, bossy older sister.

I worked out tonight. My neck is a little out of whack because I slept on it wrong last night, so I didn't do anything overly strenuous.

Today's stats:
Time: 30 minutes

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Um, WOW!

We got our last test back today (we took it on Monday), and I got 105 points out of 100! (There was a five-point extra credit question.) I knew I did well, but I didn't think I would get every single point possible. Yahoo!

I managed an awful run after class today, before I picked up the kids. I don't know why, but there are some runs where I just don't feel in control of my body. It's really weird. I'm running, but it feels like there's a disconnect between body and mind and I don't feel like I am in control. My legs feel strange and it makes running really difficult. So my entire run today felt like that, and subsequently sucked. I guess that means my next one will feel outstanding.

I am not going to record today's time, since I am considering this a recovery run (as rotten as it felt).

Today's stats:
Distance: 3.5 miles

Also, Day 2, Week 2 of the 100 P.U.P"
Total push ups: 29

Monday, July 21, 2008

She's killing me tonight!

Kara is becoming quite the comedian. Seems like she's been cracking my up all afternoon.

But tonight's conversation made me laugh out loud.

A little background: Kara had asked me tonight to take her Cabbage Patch doll out of her room. I asked her why and she said she was afraid it would "look at her." (first LOL moment.)

Of course I forgot to take it out, so she summoned me to her room a few minutes later.

Kara: "Mom, you forgot to take that doll out."
Me: "Sorry." (I grab the doll)
Kara: "I don't like her hat." (the doll, dressed like a surfer, has a sun visor on)
Me: "But her hat is a sun visor, just like the one Momma wears when she runs."
Kara: (stone-faced) "Mom, she's not running. She's a DOLL."

I turned my back and started to leave, trying to stifle the giggles.

Kara: (calling to me as I walk down the hallway) "Mom, are you CRYING?" (LOL, LOL, LOL!!!!)

Today's stats:
Day 1 of Week 2 of the One Hundred Push Up program
Four sets of 10 crunches
Time: 30 minutes

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I am the tortoise (race report)

This morning was the Tim Brownlow Memorial Run in Arcata. It was supposed to be a one-time event last year, but those in the running community decided to make it an annual event (yay!) and have set up a scholarship fund using money raised from the race. Pretty cool!

I woke up at 7:30 a.m., not feeling particularly inspired to run. I have been in a low point regarding my running lately, spurred on by illness and stress from summer school. But I had already paid my $20 and I didn't want to waste the opportunity, so I dragged my tired butt out of the house at 8. I left Garmin behind because I didn't want him putting pressure on me to perform well. I had absolutely no thoughts of running well or feeling good while doing it.

Like usual, I got there entirely too early, but that was OK. After picking up my T-shirt and race bib, I sat in the truck and relaxed while listening to music. It was nice to just sit and be. Of course, I did have physio stuff running through my head because we have a test tomorrow.

People started showing up in droves around 9:15 (the race started at 10) and I felt better. I think about the same number of people showed up this year as last. It was a very good turnout for this area. It was a festive crowd, and it kinda sucked that I went solo and didn't know anyone there. I am too shy to just strike up a convo with someone I don't know, so I listened to my iPod and stretched.

It was finally time to line up, and soon after we were off! The course was exactly the same as last year, starting in the Arcata Ballpark and then heading off to nearby streets. This year, I was mentally prepared for all the hills (and man, it IS hilly!!!). I have this method where I pretty much glom onto someone who is running a smidge faster than I normally would and follow them as long as I can. It seems to work pretty well, as it gives me something to think about other than the hill we're climbing at the time. I stuck to my rabbits for more than half the distance before they started pulling away.

The run itself felt pretty good despite the hills. About halfway through, I noticed there were these guys in their late-30s who were leapfrogging me. They had stopped to walk, I ran past, and then a little while later they ran past me only to stop again and walk. This kept up for a while, and about 1/2 mile from the finish I ran past them again. One of the guys said "I wish I could do what she's doing (I was the only girl around at that time). I wish I could run the whole thing." LOL! I ended up beating one of those guys (the others sprinted past me after walking again) and I thought slow and steady really is the way to go for me. It's like they're the hares and I'm the tortoise, and I almost beat all of them with my slow, methodical plodding.

Since I didn't have Garmin, I had to wait a while to see what my official time was. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw my time: 32:48. I took 10 seconds off my time from last year! Yeah!!! For a girl who had really low expectations, I'd say I did pretty well! I'm not sure how many people finished before me, but I think I finished higher in the standings than last year. It still wasn't a PR, but I didn't expect one with all those darn hills.

Today's stats:
Distance: 5K (3.1 miles)
Time: 32:48
Pace: 10:33 minute/mile (yay! Maybe I'm coming back into things after all!)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Back to the doctor

This is getting old.

After getting the steroid shot in my butt on Monday, my health has not improved. The doctor told me if I wasn't feeling better by the end of the week, to come back in and get reevaluated. That's what I did today.

I had to see this PA who is a royal jerk. I always try to avoid him if I can, but I am feeling so crummy and he was the only one available, so I told myself to grin and bear it.

Long story short, he says I still have a sinus infection and prescribed antibiotics. I have to pick them up a little later. I really hope it helps because I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired. I can't even run right now because I feel so bad. And that sucks because I have a race on Sunday, but have absolutely no expectations to do well because I am sick. Boo!!!!!

**Coming back to add**
I did Day 3 of the One Hundred Push Ups Program today, as well as a short elliptical workout.

Day 3:
Total push ups: 28

Time: 20 minutes

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Carnies scare me


There's a little carnival in town for Rodeo Week (yippee), and Kara begged me to take her there. She and I went this evening, leaving Tim and Matty at home.

It has been a while since my last carnival. I guess the carnies were, um, *interesting* back in the day too, but I don't think they wigged me out as much as they did tonight. Are there no able-bodied, unemployed folks left in the world who still have their teeth, won't come to work acting high and believe in bathing? The gal working the Super Slide was missing her top four front teeth and looked just *out of it*, if you get my drift. Her eyes couldn't even track properly and it looked like a comb hadn't touched her hair in about five years. The guy at the top of the slide (which we didn't actually slide down because Kara freaked out) was talking to himself about the people on a neighboring ride. The dude operating the ferris wheel was falling asleep behind the switch and smelled funny.

The only decent one was operating the Magic Carpet ride (which Kara LOVED and made me ride twice). He was fairly clean and polite and had his mental faculties intact.

Another thought I had: Why do some of the rides appear to be Bungee corded together in spots? *shudder* And who the hell still rides the Gravitron? That is *sooooo* 1986.

Oh, and I did manage a run today after class, before I picked the kids up.

Today's stats:
Distance: 3.60 miles
Time: not feeling like sharing. I am still working on getting my speed back. :-(

Monday, July 14, 2008

A shot in the butt

Yep. I got one of these today.

Well, it was more in the fleshy area of the upper hip, but butt is close enough.

I have been suffering for months now with sinus infections and allergies. I have horrible allergies every year, but this year has been like death for me. I went to the doctor again today after suffering with swollen lymph nodes, a horrible sore throat, ear pain and sinus pain for more than a week. Ibuprofin was taking the edge off, but as soon as it wore off, I was in agony again. I mentioned to him that I had a shot several years ago when my allergies were going haywire, and it really helped. He said that was exactly what he was thinking we would try this time (since I have been on so many antibiotics lately and they just were not helping with the underlying problems). So I ended up with a steroid shot to help calm things down because my body is so out of control regarding responding to allergens.

I was surprised when they told me I would probably start feeling relief within a few hours. I was happy when I realized they were right. I already feel A LOT better than I did this afternoon. The symptoms that were not letting up at all for weeks are finally subsiding and I am feeling more human now. What a nice feeling! My doctor said if this worked he would recommend I get this shot every year before allergy season hits. I think I'll be taking him up on his suggestion if it continues to work.

Tim and I did Day One of the One Hundred Push Up Program tonight. He decided to join me, and it's nice to have him for motivation. Plus, he made sure I kept proper form, which really changes how the push ups feel for me. After the first four levels of two push ups each level, I maxed out at seven consecutive push ups in the fifth level. Yeah! We also threw in five sets of 10 crunches in between each level of push ups. I hope this will help jump start Tim into working out with me more often. I rode the bike afterward.

Oh, and today we got to take our lab partner's blood pressure for the first time! And we used a portable EKG machine to record our heart rhythms. Mine looked perfectly normal! Yay for a healthy heart! It was a lot of fun, and my first real taste of performing clinical procedures on another person. I can't wait to do more of it!

Today's stats:
Day One Push Up program
Maxed out at 7 in level 5

Time: 30 minutes
Distance: 7.51 miles

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Caren, you were right!

We saw Wall-E today, and loved it!! Kara did so well for her first movie theater experience. She sat still and watched the movie and really enjoyed herself. And of course, I cried (it's a tearjerker, what can I say?).

No workout today since we were gone all afternoon and I had homework to finish when we got back. I'll do something tomorrow.

Late night for me

I *just* got Matty down for the night and now I can finally update here. He just didn't want to go to sleep tonight.

After day one of the One Hundred Push Up program, I can say with confidence that it is going to kick my butt. I am so sore today! I hope I'll be able to stick with it, but (OMG) it is going to hurt! Tim has decided to do the challenge with me, so we will both officially start on Monday. I consider yesterday to be a trial run.

Speaking of runs, I plan to do one tomorrow morning. In the afternoon, we're taking Kara to her first movie in a theater! We're going to see Wall-E, which I hear is very good. Kara loves movies, and I hope she behaves herself (we already gave her a rundown of the rules -- we'll see if she remembers them come tomorrow!). I *think* 4 1/2 is a good age for her first theater experience.

Oh, and happy anniversary to my sister-in-law Becky and her husband, John! They've been married five years as of Saturday (the 12th). I can't believe it has been that long already. Seems like just yesterday I was puking behind a redwood tree at their rehearsal (thanks to morning sickness provided by the fetus who turned out to be Kara). Ahh, memories.....

Today's stats:
Time: 45 minutes (total kick-butt high-performance pre-programmed workout)

Friday, July 11, 2008



I am officially becoming a sheep. Thanks to Marcy (stalker chick), I have decided to try the One Hundred Push Ups Program. I already knew I totally suck at push ups, so I didn't even do the initial test. I just decided to start as if I can't do one push up.

I tried it out tonight during my bike workout. Good thing I started where I did, because I now realize that I have a horrible time doing a "proper" push up. I really focused on form tonight, and boy, could I feel it! I think this will be a good thing, though, because I have never been able to do a lot of push ups at once. If I complete the program and meet the 100 push up goal, that would be so cool!

Today's stats:
Distance: 10 miles
Time: didn't keep track

100 push up program, Day 1:
total push ups: 11

Also, I did two sets of regular crunches and two sets of oblique crunches. Need to work on my core!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Today was better

I did a two-fer workout today, and it was MUCH better than Tuesday's fiasco.

I started on the elliptical and then went out for a run.

I think part of my problem is that somewhere along the way I stopped pushing myself. Now it's to the point that my running times are getting slower because I had stopped making myself run as far as I had been. I am sure that is because I had an injury and then some illnesses on top of that. I plan on correcting it.

I don't think I will be doing that race this weekend. The air quality is questionable and I don't think I am mentally prepared for a seven-mile race right now. I could still change my mind, but I am leaning toward no.

Today's stats:

Time: 30 minutes

Followed by a run:
Distance: 3.25 miles
Time: 36:10
Pace: 11:09 minute/mile

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wow, that totally sucked

Holy crap, tonight's run was awful.

There are several reasons for this:

1) The weather, part 1: It was hot and muggy as fark (my new non-swear swear word) here today. I waited until 7 p.m. to run, and it still kicked my ass. You know it's nasty out when you start sweating three steps into your run. Ugh, I want my typical 60-degree coastal July weather back!

2) The weather, part 2: The smoke from the bazillion fires burning in Northern California settled here today. It didn't smell overly smoky, but everywhere you turned the sky was a sickly shade of brown, and the sun was creepy orange. The air certainly did not feel fresh as I inhaled lungful after lungful of smoke. It felt suffocating.

3) My body: I woke up this morning with ANOTHER sore throat. I struggled through school with Ibuprofin and throat lozenges, then dosed up on DayQuil when I got home. I was definitely not feeling 100 percent yet I chose to run anyway. Yeah, that's bright.

So the run wasn't the best. But I trudged through and finished three miles. I hope the next run is better.

Today's stats:
Distance: three miles
Time: don't care to share -- pretty freakin' slow

Monday, July 7, 2008

So much going on, so little to say

I almost can't believe it, but I really have nothing to blog about tonight. In fact, the only reason I am here right now is to document that I worked out today. How totally sad is that? It's not like I don't have things going on. I just don't have any news today. Maybe no news is good news?

Today's stats:
Distance: 10 miles
Time: 41:36

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Races coming out of the woodwork

I was just perusing the Six Rivers Running Club site tonight and noticed there are several new races around this area this summer. I already have signed up for the second annual Tim Brownlow run on July 20. I did this one last year and it was a lot of fun. This year, they have reserved a space so race participants can stay and watch the Humboldt Crabs, our very own semi-professional baseball team, play a game. That should be fun, since I've never watched a Crabs game before. I hear the fans are loud and boisterous. ;-)

Many of the races are just too far away for me to drive, with gas prices all out of whack here. There was one in McKinleyville that I had planned on running this month, but I've scrapped that idea (it's about a 45-minute drive one-way). But now there's a new race in Loleta, just a couple miles up the road, that I am thinking about. It's the Swauger Station Days Jim Davy Memorial Run/Walk on July 13, and it has both a 2.2 and 7.2 mile distance. I am thinking about tackling the 7.2-miler, as I need to do a longer race again in preparation for my HM in October. But I know absolutely nothing about it, since it wasn't on the race schedule last year. I wonder if no one else knows about it, and I am the only one who shows up, would I automatically get first place? LOL, that would be nice.

So I guess I will put it on the calendar and look into it. If I do it, that means I'll have a race on July 13, July 20 (a 5K) and August 2 (either a 2 or 7 mile race). Is that too many races in too short a time frame? Of course, I would be treating them more like training runs, not full-out races.

OK, off to bed. I have school in the morning.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

I got...

...95 out of 100 on my first physio test!

Yay me!!!

*Back to add*

Today was a BUSY day! I mowed the lawn, used the weed-whacker, helped Tim cut down some willow branches hanging against the house, pulled weeds in the flower bed, went to the dump, washed both cars, took Kara out for ice cream, AND I managed to squeeze in a five-mile run in the evening!! Geez, no wonder I am tired now!

For this run (although it wasn't that long) I tried out the Jelly Belly Sport Beans that my sister-in-law Becky brought from Austin last month. (She is quickly becoming my running gear dealer, as she also brought me a Moving Comfort sports bra, which I LOVE!!!) She brought me three packs of the beans, and I tried the tropical punch flavor today. Of course, I didn't read the directions beforehand that said to take an entire pack 30 minutes before working out, then more while working out, followed by another pack after working out. Maybe it's a good thing I didn't read that until later, because there's no way in hell I would have spent my only three packs on one silly five-miler.

So I opted to try a couple beans at the three-mile mark of this run. First, these things beat the hell out of Gu in the taste department. And I like the consistency a lot more than Gu, too. I will admit I felt a little guilty because I was basically eating candy while I was running. Talk about counter-productive.

About a minute after eating one Sport Bean and taking some water, I noticed just how sweet they were. They sweet aftertaste lingered for a very long time, but I was OK with that. I didn't really notice if I felt more perky after eating it, but I probably didn't eat enough of them at once for a big difference. And I certainly have to keep them away from the kiddos, because they're basically just a shot of sugar mingled with a corn syrup chaser (I read the ingredients after my run and was disappointed to realize sugar was the main ingredient). Oh well.

I don't think I'll totally ditch the Gu, as I feel it works well for me (after I manage to choke it down). But I think I'll keep some Sport Beans on hand, too.

Too bad I can't figure out how to eat a turkey sandwich while running. ;-)

I still have to do some homework, but I might just do it tomorrow.

Today's stats:
Distance: 5 miles
Time: 57:56
Pace: 11:23 minute/mile

Thursday, July 3, 2008

More Olympic Trials!

I am so excited, as there will be more Olympic track and field coverage tonight. I am even recording it on my DVR in case I can't watch it when it's on (it starts at 11 p.m. our time). I am geeking out for sure!

Tonight I will be keeping an eye on the women's pole vault prelims. Specifically, I will be rooting for Stacy Dragila because I went to high school with her. Sure, she was a senior when I was a lowly freshman, but it's still pretty cool to say she and I share an alma mater and went to school together for a whole year. :-) I should scan her senior pic out of my yearbook and post it here, LOL!

We're taking the kids to the inlaws' cabin tomorrow. Kara is so excited and she's been asking me EVERY day when we're going. I'm glad she's excited, although going there isn't terribly restful for me. There are so many things Matty can hurt himself on, and I feel like I have to be on alert all day. Too bad we can't tether him to a stake to keep him out of trouble (I kid, I kid!).

OK, off to start prepping dinner (chicken, mashed taters and zucchini --yum!) and get ready to take the kids on a walk when Tim gets home.

Today's stats:
Time: 30 minutes

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Olympic trials, anyone?

I am totally obsessed with watching the U.S. Olympic Trials. It started more than a week ago with gymnastics, and since then I have watched diving, swimming and track and field. I love all of it!

But I really got sucked into the track and field trials, and especially the distance runners. I watched the 10,000 meters and 5,000 meters and was just in awe. They run so fast and make it look so easy. I was rooting for Kara Goucher in both races. She came in second in the 10K and made it to the finals of the 5K, which hasn't been run yet. I just have to root for her because she's such a stellar athlete and has a fantastic first name (although MY Kara has recently asked me to refer to her as "Rainbow Kitty" instead of Kara. Um, no).

I hit the track today myself, inspired by the trials. I am so not a world-class athlete, but I can pretend, right? I did a leisurely three miles and called it a day. I left Garmin at home because he was charging. Sometimes you just have to run for the sake of running. I get so caught up in stats sometimes that it's good to not feel pressured to run a certain pace or finish in a certain time.

Oh, and I had my first physio test today. It was an all-essay test and I feel like I did pretty well. I have no idea how hard he grades these things, so we'll see.

Today's stats:
Distance: three miles