Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Olympic trials, anyone?

I am totally obsessed with watching the U.S. Olympic Trials. It started more than a week ago with gymnastics, and since then I have watched diving, swimming and track and field. I love all of it!

But I really got sucked into the track and field trials, and especially the distance runners. I watched the 10,000 meters and 5,000 meters and was just in awe. They run so fast and make it look so easy. I was rooting for Kara Goucher in both races. She came in second in the 10K and made it to the finals of the 5K, which hasn't been run yet. I just have to root for her because she's such a stellar athlete and has a fantastic first name (although MY Kara has recently asked me to refer to her as "Rainbow Kitty" instead of Kara. Um, no).

I hit the track today myself, inspired by the trials. I am so not a world-class athlete, but I can pretend, right? I did a leisurely three miles and called it a day. I left Garmin at home because he was charging. Sometimes you just have to run for the sake of running. I get so caught up in stats sometimes that it's good to not feel pressured to run a certain pace or finish in a certain time.

Oh, and I had my first physio test today. It was an all-essay test and I feel like I did pretty well. I have no idea how hard he grades these things, so we'll see.

Today's stats:
Distance: three miles


David said...

No Rainbow Kitty? What an inflexible grouch! LOL It's hilarious what they come up with, isn't it?

Good job on the track, and don't worry about not having Garmin. The track stays the same length, and the GPS may not even be that accurate going in circles.

J~Mom said...

You are a world class athlete to me!:>)

Running To Stand Still said...

LOL at Rainbow Kitty.

Hope you did well on your test. I always hate the first one.