Monday, July 14, 2008

A shot in the butt

Yep. I got one of these today.

Well, it was more in the fleshy area of the upper hip, but butt is close enough.

I have been suffering for months now with sinus infections and allergies. I have horrible allergies every year, but this year has been like death for me. I went to the doctor again today after suffering with swollen lymph nodes, a horrible sore throat, ear pain and sinus pain for more than a week. Ibuprofin was taking the edge off, but as soon as it wore off, I was in agony again. I mentioned to him that I had a shot several years ago when my allergies were going haywire, and it really helped. He said that was exactly what he was thinking we would try this time (since I have been on so many antibiotics lately and they just were not helping with the underlying problems). So I ended up with a steroid shot to help calm things down because my body is so out of control regarding responding to allergens.

I was surprised when they told me I would probably start feeling relief within a few hours. I was happy when I realized they were right. I already feel A LOT better than I did this afternoon. The symptoms that were not letting up at all for weeks are finally subsiding and I am feeling more human now. What a nice feeling! My doctor said if this worked he would recommend I get this shot every year before allergy season hits. I think I'll be taking him up on his suggestion if it continues to work.

Tim and I did Day One of the One Hundred Push Up Program tonight. He decided to join me, and it's nice to have him for motivation. Plus, he made sure I kept proper form, which really changes how the push ups feel for me. After the first four levels of two push ups each level, I maxed out at seven consecutive push ups in the fifth level. Yeah! We also threw in five sets of 10 crunches in between each level of push ups. I hope this will help jump start Tim into working out with me more often. I rode the bike afterward.

Oh, and today we got to take our lab partner's blood pressure for the first time! And we used a portable EKG machine to record our heart rhythms. Mine looked perfectly normal! Yay for a healthy heart! It was a lot of fun, and my first real taste of performing clinical procedures on another person. I can't wait to do more of it!

Today's stats:
Day One Push Up program
Maxed out at 7 in level 5

Time: 30 minutes
Distance: 7.51 miles

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