Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Carnies scare me


There's a little carnival in town for Rodeo Week (yippee), and Kara begged me to take her there. She and I went this evening, leaving Tim and Matty at home.

It has been a while since my last carnival. I guess the carnies were, um, *interesting* back in the day too, but I don't think they wigged me out as much as they did tonight. Are there no able-bodied, unemployed folks left in the world who still have their teeth, won't come to work acting high and believe in bathing? The gal working the Super Slide was missing her top four front teeth and looked just *out of it*, if you get my drift. Her eyes couldn't even track properly and it looked like a comb hadn't touched her hair in about five years. The guy at the top of the slide (which we didn't actually slide down because Kara freaked out) was talking to himself about the people on a neighboring ride. The dude operating the ferris wheel was falling asleep behind the switch and smelled funny.

The only decent one was operating the Magic Carpet ride (which Kara LOVED and made me ride twice). He was fairly clean and polite and had his mental faculties intact.

Another thought I had: Why do some of the rides appear to be Bungee corded together in spots? *shudder* And who the hell still rides the Gravitron? That is *sooooo* 1986.

Oh, and I did manage a run today after class, before I picked the kids up.

Today's stats:
Distance: 3.60 miles
Time: not feeling like sharing. I am still working on getting my speed back. :-(


Christie said...

Now that you've put it that way, I guess carnivals would freak me out too.

Good job on the run. At least you got out. It beats staying on the couch. You'll get your speed back. Just keep at it.

Sonia said...

My parents never took us to carnivals for the same reasons lol

BTW re-speed there is no shame in losing speed seriously... look at me: 5K PB 27:33 and I can barely run that in 33 mins right now... stupid foot and my weight has been creeping up... sigh this is so depressing

Running To Stand Still said...

LOL at your descriptions of them. I think that lady was working the last carnival I went to. How much crack can one buy with a carnies wage??

Running Jen said...

LOL about the Gravitron, so true! Yeah, carnivals freak me out too.

Caren said...

Yikes! That would have scared me too. Not fun, not fun at all.

You asked about the size of our town in one of your comments on my blog. We have somewhere around 2,700 people. Quite a change from 1,517,000 of Philly huh? How about your town?