Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We're home

We are home from our vacation.

We had a wonderful time. I really liked Austin and wished we would have been able to spend more time there than we did.

The kids had a blast with their other set of grandparents.

Yesterday was a long one. We drove home from Auburn, which took about 6 1/2 hours. Then I spent another 4 1/2 hours in class. I was dog tired after all of that. But of course I stayed up late and then got up early this morning, so I am dog tired again.

But I did manage a run today. The weather is feeling more like winter here than fall. It was cold, cloudy and rainy today. It really reminded me of how the weather was when I started running last November. Today's run was at 6 p.m., so I barely had enough daylight to finish by. Last November, I ran past houses adorned with Christmas lights and decorations. Tonight, I ran past houses adorned with orange and purple Halloween lights and decorations. Kinda cool. I do love this time of year, even if I am much slower in my running. And the cold does seem to slow me down a little.

Oh, and I will leave you guys with a pic from our vacation. Tim and I tailgated with his sister, her husband John and some of their friends before the UT vs. Nebraska game (UT won 28-25) and had to take the obligatory "hook 'em" photo. And we're wearing matching shirts. Awwww.....

Today's stats:
Distance: 2.3 miles
Time: 25:29
Pace: 11:05 minute/mile

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I'm in Austin!

And yes, Randy, I mean Austin, TX. ;-)

We're visiting my sister-in-law Becky and her husband John. So far we've had a great time. Today we're prepping for the UT vs. Nebraska game. Tim and I are excited! We''re going to experience the joys of tailgating before the game. :-)

Becky and I did a run this morning. We ran around her neighborhood, which is beautiful. Lots of big houses, big shade trees and nice people.

Today's stats:
Distance: two miles
Time: around 24 minutes

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Are they sure it's October?

It sure doesn't feel like it's almost November here. We're still in Auburn, visiting my parents, and it's quite warm today. Probably about 30 degrees warmer than at home. Of course, it has been feeling more like winter there than fall, but still. So I plodded around the neighborhood on my run today, thanking goodness that I brought my fuel belt and water.

I warmed up for my run by doing some time on the elliptical. I kinda like that thing.

We're leaving tomorrow for Austin. I am hoping the stars will align and I'll be able to run in the morning before we leave.

Today's stats:
Time: 20 minutes

Distance: two miles
Time: 22:25
Pace: 11:12 minute/mile

Monday, October 22, 2007

I didn't ace the second bio test...

...but it totally doesn't matter. I still got an A+.

That's because the majority of the students "bombed," as my biology teacher said in an email to me this morning.

Her response came after I sent her an email questioning the score that it showed on my account through the college. That's where all of our grades are posted. Since I am on vacation, I looked it up last night to find that out of 100 points, I scored 102.5. My first reaction: what the hell??? How can I score more points than are possible when I KNOW I messed up on at least one question?

Hence, the email to teacher Jen. I thought for sure it was a typo. But no, I really did score 2.5 points more than the total possible. That's because she gave everyone 10 additional points after seeing how badly most of the students did. Pity points.

I was one of the few who actually earned an A before the points were added; I had 92.5 points. That was fine with me, but obviously 102.5 is even better. That means my A+ margin is getting even bigger, as I have not missed any points so far and have additional points accumulated through extra credit and now this test.

How crazy is this? I never thought in a million years I would do so well in this class. And I am a little surprised so many people did so incredibly bad on this last test. Goes to show that studying really works!! :-)

Oh, and I did work out this morning on my dad's elliptical machine. We're at the parents' abode until we leave for Austin on Thursday. I am hoping to run tomorrow.

Today's stats:
Elliptical machine:
Time: 30 minutes

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Heading out

We're getting ready to head out on vacation now. But I did get up early to ride the bike for a bit. I tried to get up at 6:30, but it was so dark out and raining, so I rolled over and reset the alarm for 7.

Bye for now!

Today's stats:
Stationary bike:
Time: 30 minutes
Distance: 7.85 miles

Friday, October 19, 2007

"Don't slack off."

See the title of this post? That's what my horoscope read today. Just three words. Almost motivated me to work out this morning. Almost.

Instead, I went back to the doctor for the third time in five weeks. I am now on a third round of antibiotics, the third different kind in that timeframe. The doctor also referred me for a CT scan of my sinuses to see if I have any polyps hiding out there. He said that could explain why I'm not getting better. But I have to wait until Halloween to get it done, since I'll be on vacation starting tomorrow.

I will try to work out and blog while on vacation, but if I'm not around much you know why. First stop: Auburn, CA! Then Tim and I will fly to Austin, TX for a few days to visit his sister Becky and her hubby John. I am excited!! I just hope my head doesn't explode on the plane ride. LOL!

Good luck to my buddies with races coming up!!! Happy running!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Just scrape them out already

I am living in sinus hell.

Today, my sinuses acted up again. I was stuffy all day and my head hurt until I took some medicine. I just want to take a spoon and scrape those darn sinuses clean. OK, that sentence reminds me of scraping out a pumpkin for Halloween. How festive. But having sinus issues is getting really, really old.

The stuffiness and pressure sort of affected my workout today. I did a short Brick workout in my den, since it was storming here today. So I rode the bike for 20 minutes and got on the treadmill for a two-mile run. Well, about a mile into it I started getting a little dizzy and had to stop for a minute. I managed to finish and felt better after I cooled down.

I am thinking I might call the doctor again tomorrow to see what to do next, since we're leaving for vacation on Saturday. I don't want to be sick the whole time! :-(

Today's stats:
Stationary bike:
Time: 20 minutes
Distance: 5.25 miles

Run (treadmill):
Distance: two miles
Time: not sure, but it was around 23 minutes

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So I didn't ace it....

...but I feel like I still did really well on my biology test last night. I know I missed at least 1/2 point (no biggie, really) on something stupid that I KNEW but blanked on. Stupid cellular respiration. I am pretty sure I got an A still, so I am trying not to think about it much now.

Meanwhile, last night I did another round of extra credit that has been offered, so that will help with the lab I will be missing next week while on vacation. So if I do get an A on the test, even a low A, I will still technically have an A+ in the class because of the extra credit and fact I haven't missed any points on any assignment/test until now. Our teacher did say she might grade this test on a curve if no one aces it. Fingers crossed! LOL!

I joined a Web site for runners recently called Runners Lounge. It's really cool. A lot of my blogging buddies are there, and it's a good way for us to share running info and tips. They have these cool flexible plastic bracelets that say "I AM A RUNNER" on one side and the site address on the other. I got mine in the mail today, and I seriously think wearing it helped with my evening run!! I don't know why, but it seemed to inspire me to think like a runner again, you know? Plus it's dark blue, and I LOVE blue!!

So I had a great run and ended up going farther than I originally planned. I probably would have kept going had it not been getting dark out. I think I will wear that bracelet every time I run now. :-) So thanks to Amy and Tom at Runners Lounge!

Today's stats:
Run (outdoors):
Distance: 4.25 miles
Time: 46:02
Pace: 10:50 minute/mile

Monday, October 15, 2007

Fun weekend

Tim and I took the kids to the pumpkin patch today. The weather was gorgeous and we all had fun. It's supposed to rain all this week, so it's a good thing we went today.

After that, I had to go to Kristen's house for a last-minute study session, and I took Kara with me. Our next biology test is tomorrow night. I am feeling better about it now, although I doubt I'll be getting 100 percent again.

I have to go to bed soon, but here's a picture of the kids and myself from today's excursion.

Today's stats:
stationary bike:
Distance: 10 miles
Time: 34:36

Friday, October 12, 2007

Five things

I am copying my running buddy Lisa tonight. :-)

Five things I am thinking about:

5. $1,680.70. That is the estimate to fix the dent in my van that the police officer made.

4. I am darn glad I don't have to pay for No. 5 out of my own pocket.

3. I am leaving on vacation in eight days and haven't even thought about packing.

2. Everyone in Fortuna is using their fireplaces/woodstoves tonight, as the smell of smoke is everywhere.

1. I know No. 2 because I did an evening run, despite it being chilly and dusky. And it totally didn't suck. For once. Yay for that!

Today's stats:
Run (outdoors):
Distance: 3.25 miles
Time: 35:35
Pace: 10:57 minute/mile

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Aiming for a better week....

...next week.

I cannot wait to be past this next biology test. After next Monday, I should be feeling much less stressed.

I have been having such a hard time with working out lately. Just call it the fall blues, I guess. That, and the fact I am still freakin' sick after more than three weeks. I am just down in the dumps about it all. I NEED to feel healthy again. It's messing with my mind.

I am planning to run tomorrow, even if it's just a short on the treadmill while Kara's in school.

Today's stats:
stationary bike:
Distance: 10 miles
Time: 37:05

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Best worst-case scenario

So I had to go to the local university today to conduct my experiment for my biology class semester project.

The experiment went great and I was able to reconnect with my college rowing coaches. It has been 10 years since I'd last seen them. They both gave me hugs.

I was walking back to my van, which was parallel parked at a meter (with time still on it). I couldn't see the front of my van, since it was parked facing downhill, and I was approaching from behind. Across the street, there were three cops milling about near two cop cars, along with one of those funny-looking meter reader cars. Great, I thought, they're busting some pot-smoking loser or something. This IS Humboldt County, after all.

I unlocked the doors, threw my bag in and started to put the key in the ignition. Just then, one of the cops hurried my way and motioned for me to roll down the window. I fumbled with the window button then opened the door instead.

Then he proceeds to tell me that a police officer hit my car! I got out and he pointed to the damage. Sure enough, there is a huge dent in my front fender and some additional metal "crinkling" elsewhere because of the impact. I immediately started crying, as if that was going to help me.

They thought I was in class and were going to leave a card and number for me to call them, but I happened to return early. I talked to the other officer and gave him my info. Then he told me that the parking officer (who is an actual police officer for the department) had been driving around looking at the meters when he got out for a second. The silly-looking clown car thing he was driving ended up rolling away and crashed into my fender. Of course the clown car, which had these huge metal bars all around the front, was not damaged.

The cop who hit me came over and said he felt awful. It's his first accident in 18 years on the job. Go figure. I told him he's lucky it didn't crash into the car of some steroid-fueled jock with anger management issues. He laughed, so his sense of humor was still intact.

The good thing is the city's insurance will pay for the damage so I can get it fixed. I am just happy (should I use this term?) that it was a cop and not some college frat-boy, who would likely flee in the BMW his parents bought him and leave me with a damaged car that my insurance would have to pay for. I've already talked with my insurance agency (took me FOREVER to get a real person, grrrr....) and they're going to contact the city's insurance company and call me tomorrow with an update.

Just thought I'd share my interesting morning.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Stormy day

It has been raining here today. Hard. Since I am still feeling not-so-great but wanted to run, I did a short run on the treadmill.

It really sucked until the last 1/2 mile. I need to get healthy so I can enjoy running again!!!


Today's stats:
Distance: two miles

Monday, October 8, 2007

Just call me cranky pants

I am still not feeling that great. I still have a cough and scratchy throat and chest. I am getting cranky over it. Grrrrrr.

I found out today that those crews working on the neighboring trees are cutting them ALL down. I thought they were just limbing them up and had to cut one or two down due to disease. Nope. My neighbor, whose property those trees are on, told me today that all the trees are going. They are towering trees that block out the sunlight to both his property and ours. And there are lots of them. I am cranky over this.

You can see the trunks of the trees in this pic I took in April. They are the huge ones in the background:

I have my second big biology test next Monday and need to study this week. I am cranky over that, too.

I am cranky pants. Hear me whine.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Slowly crawling out from under my rock

So I am still working on getting healthy again following this crappy illness, but I felt well enough to do a bike ride tonight. It has been days since I last worked out, but I really don't feel bad because I was so, so sick. I have a bit of a cough and raspy throat right now, on top of the sinus pain, which is finally subsiding.

Yesterday I went to the Apple Harvest Festival with Kara and my new mommy/biology class friend Kristen and her kids. We left Matty and Tim home because Matty was under the weather. We had a really good time!! We sampled apples and cider, took a hayride through the town and the kids played in a bounce house. Good times. I think I will go back next year.

I think Kristen and I will get the kids together again before Tim, the kids and I head out on vacation Oct. 20. It is so nice to have a friend who is my age and has similar interests!! It's been a long, long time since I've had a "girlfriend." LOL!!

Today's stats:
Distance: 10.15 miles
Time: don't know, as I had to stop 1/2 way through and get Kara a book (she's supposed to be in bed asleep!!)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Now I know why...

...my mojo has been slow to return.

Because I am STILL not over this freakin' sinus infection!!

I haven't been feeling 100 percent since I first went to the doctor three weeks ago. I've been tired and had headaches still. But then yesterday it started getting REALLY bad again and I knew this sinus infection was still holding on.

I just got back from the doctor and he prescribed me a different antibiotic. I have to wait for Tim to pick it up later today after work. That is partly because I feel like crapola, and partly because I can't get out of my driveway. The fabulous city of Fortuna decided this week would be IDEAL for cutting down the huge limbs on these big trees that stand near my house. All day yesterday they were working on it. Today, they have their damn trucks parked IN MY DRIVEWAY and the entire road in front of our house is blocked off now. I had to park the truck down the street when I got back from the doctor's office. And come to find out, they've actually taken one of the trees down completely. Some of the crew members apologized about it, and I said it's OK, but I really wanted to tell them to shove it. Oh, I am sooooo not in a good mood! Grrrrr.......

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Happy anniversary!

Today, Tim and I have been married eight years.

Wow, that sounds like a long time!

But not that long when you consider we've been together 13 years. We were both "babies" when we met: I had just turned 19 and he was a day shy of 18 that first meeting in speech class.

A lifetime has passed since then, it seems. So many crazy and wonderful things have happened to us since 1994.

Happy anniversary, Tim! Here's to the next eight years!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Blast from my past!

I am quite excited!! Next Wednesday, I will be meeting up with Robin, my old rowing coach from college, for the first time in nearly 10 years!

She and some members of the women's rowing team at Humboldt State will be working with me on an experiment for my biology class semester project.

I cannot wait to see her! She and I got to know each other very well during my two years on the team. There are times when I really, really miss those rowing days. They are among my favorite college memories, for sure.

Even though I want to show my kids off to her, I decided not to take them. Kara will be in preschool that morning, and my father-in-law has agreed to watch Matty. It will be much easier to get work done without them around, truth be told. Maybe at a later date I will take them to the university to meet her. I have already told Robin that Kara could be a future crew member, as she is very tall for her age and rowing coaches really seek out taller rowers.

Anyway, I rode the stationary bike tonight for my workout. I had some of my favorite tunes playing on my iPod, which made time go faster. I plan to run tomorrow.

Today's stats:
Distance: 10 miles
Time: 34:29

Monday, October 1, 2007

Maybe, just maybe....

... I am getting my running mojo back??

I did an early afternoon run today for the first time in weeks. I ran to the preschool to pick Kara up. A little before noon I strapped Matty into the stroller and headed out. It rained on and off all afternoon yesterday, so it was pretty humid today. There was a nice breeze which helped.

The past few weeks, it has taken a lot of mental fortitude just to head out the door. Not today. I knew what I wanted to get done and that if I was going to do it, it had to be right then. See, I have class tonight, and I am switching from the Wednesday lab to Monday lab so I can work with my new friend Kristen. She and I are both excited to have the chance to be in lab together. We're planning a playdate for the kids for next Sunday, also. Woo hoo for mommy friends! :-)

So it was either run at noon or not run at all and take another day off, something I was not willing to do.

It went pretty well. There are a couple hills on the way back from the school but overall I ran faster than I did on Saturday despite the fact I was pushing the stroller. Not bad!

I hope I am rising out of the funk I've been in and my running will pick back up this month. Today was a nice confidence booster.

Oh, Kara is singing along to The Little Mermaid right now. She knows just about all the songs! Guess that happens when you watch it every day. :-)

Today's stats:
Run (outdoors with stroller):
Distance: four miles
Time: 43:43
Pace: 10:55 minute/mile