Friday, August 29, 2008

Fruit flies from hell

So our kitchen has been overtaken by pesky little fruit flies. There had been some fruit out on the counter, and they just had their way with it.

It really is amazing how quickly a small number of fruit flies can turn into a jillion. It seemed every time I turned around, there were 100 more in the area I had just been looking at. Crazy. So I Googled ways to kill the buggers tonight, and so far it seems to be working. I also got rid of any food sitting out on the counter, and cleaned the disposal drain. I hope their time is up for good in my house.

Tomorrow is Tim's birthday. He is still younger than me, as he likes to point out. Guess he doesn't realize I like being an older chick, anyway. ;-)

Today's stats:
Distance: 3.25 miles
Time: 35:30
Pace: 10:58 minute/mile

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Weird Al!!

Tim and I went to a Weird Al concert last night at Humboldt State University. We're big Weird Al fans, as was most everyone who attended the sold-out event.

While we were waiting to get in, some totally stoned guy (well, he was ACTING totally stoned, so if he wasn't he was a fabulous actor) came up and asked us who was playing. Tim responded "Weird Al", since just about anyone who hasn't been under a rock the past 25 years would recognize the name. The remainder of the conversation went something like this:

Stoned guy: "Who?"
Tim: "Weird Al."
SG: "Weird Al who?"
Tim: (getting annoyed, I think) "Weird Al Yankovic."
SG: "Is he some sort of comedian? What's his name, Weird Al Franken?"
(By now, Tim and I are well aware this guy is just clueless and this conversation is going NOWHERE fast. Talk about a painful moment.)

For the record, this is Weird Al YANKOVIC:

This is Al Franken (he may or may not be "weird", depending on your political slant):

After another minute, SG wandered off to wherever burned-out stoners go (he STILL didn't understand who we were referring to), and we stood there shaking our heads.

Long story short: the concert was fabulous and we had a great time! I've been to three Weird Al concerts since 1999, and I think this was the best one so far.

I did manage a workout yesterday, and today I did Day 2 of Week 5 my One Hundred Push Ups Program. I didn't run during my school break today because I had to take the garbage to the dump and it was pretty dang warm by that time.

Oh, and guess who is Humboldt County's newest blood donor? Yep, yours truly! I gave blood for the first time on Tuesday, after school (and my run), and boy, were those guys happy to have some new blood (pun intended). There have been serious blood shortages around here lately, so they are glad when they get new people to become regular donors. I squeezed out my pint in four minutes flat. The nurse said I was fast. LOL! Of course, I felt so wiped out that night that I collapsed in bed at 10 p.m. That is EARLY for this night owl! I will be donating again, as soon as the eight-week waiting period between donations is up.

Yesterday's stats:
Time: 25 minutes

Today's stats:
Day 2, Week 5 100 PUP
Total push ups: 132 (for my last set, I did 40 straight push ups without pausing!! Woo hoo!!)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Heck yeah!

It's noon here, and I am done with my run for the day!

Woo hoo!!

I had school this morning -- microbiology lecture -- from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. The first day of lecture is always funny, because you never really do anything except take roll and go over the syllabus. My lab doesn't start until 2:30, so I have a five-hour break on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I figured I'd use some of my break today for my run. The weather is nice (a bit warm, but that's OK), and perfect for an easy four-miler.

I am still thinking about looking for a part-time job to fill in the five-hour gap, but for today a run was just the right thing! Now I have to shower, eat lunch and get back to school for the rest of my day.

Today's stats:
Distance: four miles
Time: 44:30
Pace: 11:07 minute/mile

Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to Week 5

I have decided to redo Week 5 of the One Hundred Push Ups Program. I didn't do any push ups last week, which would have been Week 6, due to vacation.

I have to go to bed soon because I have school in the morning. I am nervous! I have to be out the door here before 8 a.m. to get the kids to school on time. That should be fun for this non-morning person!

Today's stats:
Day 1 Week 5 of 100 PUP
Total push ups: 126

Sunday, August 24, 2008

25 pounds of cake

I went to a birthday party this afternoon, and walked away with about half a sheet cake.

It totally wasn't planned that way. No one else wanted to take it, and I lived closest to the party venue, so I was unanimously voted to take the remaining cake. I think it tastes yummy, but turns out Tim didn't, so now I will probably have to chuck most of it. There's no way I should be eating that much cake -- EVER! ;-)

I did run today. I waited until it started to cool down, since it was sticky-muggy today. At least it wasn't 106 degrees out. The run was pretty good. A lot of people were out running, walking and biking when I was, so I had company.

I'm watching the Olympics closing ceremony right now and Michael Phelps is being interviewed by this Brit in London. I bet Michael is totally tired of the media circus by now. This interviewer is righteously annoying.

Today's stats:
Distance: 4.25 miles
Time: 47:10
Pace: 11:06 minute/mile

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Say it ain't so!

The Olympics are coming to an end.

*sad face*

I am so bummed. I have watched the coverage every single night since it started, sometimes staying up until 1 a.m. to finish out a night of athletics. Good stuff. You could say I am an Olympics nut.

The end of the Olympics marks the unofficial end of summer for me. It all blew by too fast.

I guess the good thing is I won't worry about missing sleep after tomorrow night. *sigh*

Olympics, I will miss you. See you in London.

Today's stats:
Distance: 10 miles
Time: 41:05

Friday, August 22, 2008

Gee, guess it has been a while...

...since I've worked out and blogged about it.


I got home from vacation on Wednesday (one week was way too short!), and since then I have been working on getting the house back in order and getting some actual sleep. We were on the go the whole time we were in Auburn, and I could definitely "feel it" when we got home. I was exhausted.

I will try to post vacation pics soon. I have so many!

I start school again on Tuesday. No rest for the weary, I guess! ;-)

Today's stats:
Time: 30 minutes

Monday, August 18, 2008

Forgot to blog last night

I was so tired after another day at the pool with the kids that I forgot to blog about my evening run.

It was much better than my first run here. The temperature was considerably cooler and my body felt stronger. So it was a good one.

Garmin recorded 3.25 miles, but I ran closer to 3.75 miles because there were two instances that I didn't have it running when I thought I did. The first was at the start of the run. I looked down about 1/4 mile into it to see what my time was when I realized it wasn't engaged.

The second time was about 1.3 miles into it when this old guy stopped me to crack a joke about buying his dog. Why do people think I can hear them when I am running with my iPod in my ears? I had to stop, fish the iPod out of my pocket, turn it off, take the doohickeys out of my ears, pause Garmin and say "I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you. What did you say?" just to hear this guy say "Do you want to buy a dog?" (his two dogs were bounding down the street off-leash at the time, looking like brainless idiots). *sigh* I responded, "No thanks, I have a dog. Good luck with yours!" Then I forgot to turn Garmin back on until about .20 miles later. Grrrr........

Today we are headed to the Sacramento Zoo to visit my friend Erin and her daughter, Madison. Should be fun! I probably will take tonight off (except for the push up challenge). Bye!

Yesterday's stats:
Distance: 3.25 miles
Time: 35:41
Pace: 10:59 minute/mile

Sunday, August 17, 2008

We spent the day at the pool...

...and I got a sunburn on my back.

So no running today.

But I did work out.

Yay me.

Today's stats:
Elliptical (my dad's machine):
Time: 30 minutes

Day 3 of Week 5 of 100 PUP (one day late)
Total push ups: 107

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Today it got to 106 here in Auburn (according to the thermometer at a bank on the north end of town, that is). And that was at 4 p.m. I knew getting a run in was going to be a challenge, since I am not acclimated to heat at all. It has been warmer here at night than it gets in Fortuna on most summer days. Heck, I have been sweating like a damn pig just standing still here.

But I ventured out around 7:30 p.m. for a painful, sweaty, nasty run. It was likely in the 90s still, but at least it wasn't 106. Thank GOD!!! That, coupled with the hills here, made for a difficult time. But I did three miles and feel good about that.

We're supposed to get a break on Monday. I don't think I'm brave enough to do a long run this weekend.

Today's stats:
Distance: three miles
Time: 35:07 (SLOW!!!!!)
Pace: 11:45 minute/mile

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Taking a little vacay.....

The kids and I are leaving tomorrow morning to visit my parents in Auburn, CA. I really like visiting the town where I grew up, even though it has changed so much since I lived there more than 14 years ago. Plus, the kids get to experience real summer weather, and we get to visit the pool, zoo and other places they love to go.

I am packing still (my least favorite thing), so I will make this short. I plan to head out the door tomorrow morning around 9 (I hope!!), so I can't stay up all night watching the Olympics. Boo!! I probably will anyway. *sigh*

Did a run on the track this evening. The kids and Tim went along, and they played on the infield while I circled them. Then we went to Round Table Pizza afterward and took advantage of the dinner buffet. Yummy!!! :-)

I will try to blog while I'm in Auburn, but it might not be every day. Good luck to anyone racing this weekend. I know I will not be one of them!! ;-)

Today's stats:
Distance: three miles
Time: 32:07
Pace: 10:42 minute/mile

Can't blog now...

...still watching the Olympics (and yes, it's after midnight and I am STILL watching!! LOL!)

Today's (Monday) stats:
Time: 30 minutes
Distance: 7.48 miles

Day 1 of Week 5 of One Hundred Push Up Challenge
Total push ups: 126

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympic observations

I am an Olympics junkie. I have been watching a lot of the coverage, and even recording it on the DVR so I can watch it later. Just call it my visual crack.

Being that I love it so, I have noticed some things that may or may not be interesting to anyone else. I will share these observations with you anyway.

1) Olympic swimmers are the most fidgety athletes ever. Every time they show the swimmers as they are waiting for the race to start, they're wiping their goggles, fidgeting with their caps and suits, again wiping their goggles, etc. Over and over again. Seriously. It's almost annoying. But I still heart watching them swim.

2) All the Chinese women gymnasts appear to be 12 years old. And I could probably scoop them all up in my palm and hide them in my pocket. They're that tiny.

3) Synchronized diving is just plain crazy.

4) Badminton and beach volleyball are surprisingly addicting. Honestly. I can't believe it myself.

5) While watching some men's rowing the other day, I thought "Why couldn't I have been that fast when I was a rower?" Then I remembered I was a woman. But the women Olympic rowers would totally kick my ass, too.

I just did a VERY short, VERY easy elliptical workout tonight to shake some of the soreness out. I am hoping to run tomorrow evening.

Today's stats:
Time: 20 minutes

Saturday, August 9, 2008

My legs...they have been worked

It's only 12:30 and my legs feel like they're ready to go to bed for the rest of the day.

I participated in the Arcata Sunrise Rotary and HealthSPORT Trail Run this morning, and I can say now that nothing chews me up and spits me out the way trail running does.

But it worked me in a good way. And I survived.

The course was gorgeous. Trails weaved through a redwood forest, the canopy so thick that it was too dark for sunglasses. I knew it would be hard when we reached our first hill at the 1/2-mile mark. A steep hill that seemed to climb forever, and continued around corners endlessly. I wasn't disappointed.

This course had some of the steepest hills I had ever seen. Seriously, there were at least two hills I walked up and felt like I was losing ground with every step. It was freakin' nuts! At least there were downhill sections after the uphills, but the uphills were quad killers.

I'm not ashamed to admit I walked up some of the hills. But I ran more than I walked, so I consider this a victory. When I crossed the finish line, I was so happy that I did this run. And I wasn't last! Yahoo!!!!

I was going to tack on another 2.4 miles to make it eight and qualify for Nancy's 8 on the 8th Virtual race, but my legs had other plans. Sorry, Nancy! Maybe I can squeeze in that additional distance tomorrow....

Today's stats:
Distance: 5.6 miles
Time: 1:11:20 (according to Garmin; I think my official time was pretty close)
Pace: 12:44 minute/mile

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm doing the weekend trail run

I sent my entry form in the other day for the Arcata Sunrise Rotary and HealthSPORT Trail Run and Walk, set for this Saturday. The entire course (5.6 miles) will be run in the Arcata Community Forest. It is such a beautiful area, but trail running scares me. I am hoping entering this event will help me get over that fear. But I also anticipate having to walk some of it, especially since there are some gnarly uphill climbs in said forest.

After that run, I plan to tack on another 2.4 miles to meet the eight mile distance for Nancy's 8 on the 8th Virtual race. Looking forward to it!

I am planning on a short track run tonight. I don't want to run too much before Saturday's big event. I might do an elliptical workout today, too. We'll see how everything feels.

Oh, and I am DONE with physio! I don't know my final test score yet, but I feel confident that I scored better than 73, which is all I needed to get to keep my A. I should find out within the next couple days. I am so relieved it's over! Only 19 days until microbiology starts....

*Coming back to add stats*

I ended up doing two miles around the track. But I did "sprint" intervals instead of running a straight two miles. I only recorded my actual running time, although the entire workout was probably about 30 minutes (since I walked between intervals).

Today's stats:
Distance: two miles
Time: 18:43 (includes 1/2 mile warm-up jog, 1 1/4 miles of intervals and 1/4-mile cool-down jog; no walking calculated)
Pace: 9:21 minute/mile

*Coming back to add more*

I just heard from my physio teacher (via email), and I got 96 out of 100 on the final exam!! I got an A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Birthday hangover

I am having a birthday hangover today. Not an alcoholic hangover (I don't drink), but a hangover from all the fun I had yesterday. And that fun included a small hot fudge sundae AND chocolate cake. Yummy on the lips, torture on the hips.

So I did a nice, long brick workout today. I got out of school early, since we are having our final exam tomorrow, so I took advantage of the time for a stationary bike ride followed by a run. Talk about a great way to shed some of the guilt of eating all those sweets!

After tomorrow morning, I will be a free woman (school-wise) until the end of August! And I only have to earn 73 points out of 100 to secure my A! Yes!! Three A's in three classes! Next week I will be heading out on vacation with the kids, but I can't even think about it until I get past tomorrow.

Today's stats:
Time: 30 minutes
Distance: 7.48 miles

Distance: 3 miles
Time: 32:25
Pace: 10:48 minute/mile

Monday, August 4, 2008

Who else shares my birthday?

I just Googled to see which famous people share my birthday. Interesting mix.

Just a few other August 4th babies:

*The Queen Mother
*Jeff Gordon
*Roger Clemens (this guy's a sleeze)
*Barack Obama (pretty timely, huh?)
*Billy Bob Thornton
*Daniel Dae Kim (from LOST -- love that show!)
*Kurt Busch (another NASCAR driver -- I only appreciate this now that Tim is part of a weekly NASCAR fantasy driving pool)

My entire physiology class sang happy birthday to me this morning. It marked the first (and probably) only time I will go to school on my birthday. I remember feeling sad as a child in school because my classmates with birthdays during the school year had special celebrations on their birthday in class, while we summer babies were lumped together to celebrate our birthdays on the last day of school. Today kinda made up for that. :-)

Tim and I are going out tonight. Not sure if I'll get a workout in afterward. If not, see everyone tomorrow!

*Coming back to add*
Tim and I did Day 1 of Week 4 of the One Hundred Push Up Challenge. That was it, though.
Total push ups: 73

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Turning the corner (I hope)

This evening I had a FANTASTIC run! I thought I would be tired, as I spent the afternoon taking the kids to the grandparents' (I am kid-free right now -- woo hoo!!) and studied with Kristen for a couple hours (of course we ended up chatting about stuff other than physiology -- it's nice having a girlfriend again). But when I came home, I decided that this evening would be a perfect time for a run, as it was cloudy, breezy and chilly.

And it WAS perfect. I was only planning on running three miles, but I did four instead. And it was the fastest four miles I have run since April 24 (and tonight I ran it about a minute faster). Everything just fell into place and I felt so good. Finally!

I think we have figured out why I have been having so many issues lately. There was some mold on the wall in our bedroom behind the garbage can (not the toxic black mold, thank goodness). I am HIGHLY allergic to mold, as I found out via allergy tests years ago. The mold was on my side of the bed. Not good. I was having all the symptoms of an allergy to this mold. We have since removed the mold and set up a dehumidifier in our bedroom to prevent the mold from returning. I have (finally) started feeling better since removing the mold, so I am thinking that was the main culprit.

OK, off for now. Tomorrow I will try to work out after school before we go out to dinner for my birthday. This is my last night as a 32-year-old!

Today's stats:
Distance: four miles
Time: 42:56
Pace: 10:44 minute/mile

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sleep - 1, running - 0

Yeah, I bailed on the idea of doing the Wildwood Run this morning. I woke up with a horrid sinus headache and the thought of running just didn't sound appealing. Plus, the race was SMALL (I looked at the Web site this afternoon and there were only 37 runners total) and I like to run in larger crowds so I blend in. So I hit the snooze button and the rest is history.

That's OK though, because I think I have found another run I want to do next weekend instead. It's a 5.6-miler on the trails through the redwoods. And it's FREE! It sounds like a good one to light a fire under my ass again in regards to running. I'm not sure how many people will show up, but since it's in the redwoods, I don't really have to worry about people watching me like I do when road racing.

I went to a baby shower this afternoon and then Kara and I spent some mother-daughter time in Eureka. Meanwhile, Tim took Matty out to lunch, the park and then for ice cream. We all had a busy day!

I hope to run tomorrow morning sometime, then take the kids to the grandparents', where they'll spend a few days. This is perfect timing, since my birthday is Monday and now Tim and I can go out to dinner or something. Plus, it will give me time to study for my final exam, set for Wednesday (I got 97 out of 100 on the lab test we had this past week). I am almost done with summer school and one step closer to being able to apply to the nursing program!! Yay!

Oh, and I sent an email to the Garmin company the other day about how mine was refusing to charge. They told me how to reset it, and it worked. So I think I'll have my old buddy back for tomorrow's run!

Today's stats:
Time: 30 minutes

Followed by 150 jump rope jumps (not sure how else to phrase this)