Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympic observations

I am an Olympics junkie. I have been watching a lot of the coverage, and even recording it on the DVR so I can watch it later. Just call it my visual crack.

Being that I love it so, I have noticed some things that may or may not be interesting to anyone else. I will share these observations with you anyway.

1) Olympic swimmers are the most fidgety athletes ever. Every time they show the swimmers as they are waiting for the race to start, they're wiping their goggles, fidgeting with their caps and suits, again wiping their goggles, etc. Over and over again. Seriously. It's almost annoying. But I still heart watching them swim.

2) All the Chinese women gymnasts appear to be 12 years old. And I could probably scoop them all up in my palm and hide them in my pocket. They're that tiny.

3) Synchronized diving is just plain crazy.

4) Badminton and beach volleyball are surprisingly addicting. Honestly. I can't believe it myself.

5) While watching some men's rowing the other day, I thought "Why couldn't I have been that fast when I was a rower?" Then I remembered I was a woman. But the women Olympic rowers would totally kick my ass, too.

I just did a VERY short, VERY easy elliptical workout tonight to shake some of the soreness out. I am hoping to run tomorrow evening.

Today's stats:
Time: 20 minutes


Sonia said...

I can't wait for the triathlon (18-19)! And the start of the athletics Fiday!

Watched some swimming yesterday but the rest is not something I'm thriving to watch! Glad you are enjoying it.

Erin Leigh said...

I haven't been watching but should start.

J~Mom said...

You know what is funny? I keep watching the swimmers to see if I should do some of that prep stuff they do. You are right, they spend an awful lot of time pressing on their goggles and smoothing their swim caps! LOL

JCT said...

I disagree Michelle; the women Olympic rowers would not have kicked your ass when you were rowing; you were one of the best!