Thursday, August 28, 2008

Weird Al!!

Tim and I went to a Weird Al concert last night at Humboldt State University. We're big Weird Al fans, as was most everyone who attended the sold-out event.

While we were waiting to get in, some totally stoned guy (well, he was ACTING totally stoned, so if he wasn't he was a fabulous actor) came up and asked us who was playing. Tim responded "Weird Al", since just about anyone who hasn't been under a rock the past 25 years would recognize the name. The remainder of the conversation went something like this:

Stoned guy: "Who?"
Tim: "Weird Al."
SG: "Weird Al who?"
Tim: (getting annoyed, I think) "Weird Al Yankovic."
SG: "Is he some sort of comedian? What's his name, Weird Al Franken?"
(By now, Tim and I are well aware this guy is just clueless and this conversation is going NOWHERE fast. Talk about a painful moment.)

For the record, this is Weird Al YANKOVIC:

This is Al Franken (he may or may not be "weird", depending on your political slant):

After another minute, SG wandered off to wherever burned-out stoners go (he STILL didn't understand who we were referring to), and we stood there shaking our heads.

Long story short: the concert was fabulous and we had a great time! I've been to three Weird Al concerts since 1999, and I think this was the best one so far.

I did manage a workout yesterday, and today I did Day 2 of Week 5 my One Hundred Push Ups Program. I didn't run during my school break today because I had to take the garbage to the dump and it was pretty dang warm by that time.

Oh, and guess who is Humboldt County's newest blood donor? Yep, yours truly! I gave blood for the first time on Tuesday, after school (and my run), and boy, were those guys happy to have some new blood (pun intended). There have been serious blood shortages around here lately, so they are glad when they get new people to become regular donors. I squeezed out my pint in four minutes flat. The nurse said I was fast. LOL! Of course, I felt so wiped out that night that I collapsed in bed at 10 p.m. That is EARLY for this night owl! I will be donating again, as soon as the eight-week waiting period between donations is up.

Yesterday's stats:
Time: 25 minutes

Today's stats:
Day 2, Week 5 100 PUP
Total push ups: 132 (for my last set, I did 40 straight push ups without pausing!! Woo hoo!!)


Mendy said...

I didn't even know Weird Al was performing.

I need to give blood more. They call me ALL the time, cause I have 0- blood and it can go to anyone. I just gave not too long ago. It is definately draining (pun intended).

Running Jen said...

Glad you had fun!

I need to give blood, it's something I'm so scared of doing, but know that I should do. I'm very squeemish.

Sonia said...

I have no clue who Weird Al is..... now that's bad lol

Laurel said...

LOL, your post is cracking me up. I tried to give blood once, but I passed out, so I am not allowed to do it again.

Thanks for the well wishes from a few months back. We are doing better and starting to live a somewhat normal life again.

I'm glad to see you're still doing so well!