Sunday, August 3, 2008

Turning the corner (I hope)

This evening I had a FANTASTIC run! I thought I would be tired, as I spent the afternoon taking the kids to the grandparents' (I am kid-free right now -- woo hoo!!) and studied with Kristen for a couple hours (of course we ended up chatting about stuff other than physiology -- it's nice having a girlfriend again). But when I came home, I decided that this evening would be a perfect time for a run, as it was cloudy, breezy and chilly.

And it WAS perfect. I was only planning on running three miles, but I did four instead. And it was the fastest four miles I have run since April 24 (and tonight I ran it about a minute faster). Everything just fell into place and I felt so good. Finally!

I think we have figured out why I have been having so many issues lately. There was some mold on the wall in our bedroom behind the garbage can (not the toxic black mold, thank goodness). I am HIGHLY allergic to mold, as I found out via allergy tests years ago. The mold was on my side of the bed. Not good. I was having all the symptoms of an allergy to this mold. We have since removed the mold and set up a dehumidifier in our bedroom to prevent the mold from returning. I have (finally) started feeling better since removing the mold, so I am thinking that was the main culprit.

OK, off for now. Tomorrow I will try to work out after school before we go out to dinner for my birthday. This is my last night as a 32-year-old!

Today's stats:
Distance: four miles
Time: 42:56
Pace: 10:44 minute/mile

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Sonia said...

Yay for 10:XX min/mile runs! Good job Chika! I miss those nice fast runs =)