Friday, October 19, 2007

"Don't slack off."

See the title of this post? That's what my horoscope read today. Just three words. Almost motivated me to work out this morning. Almost.

Instead, I went back to the doctor for the third time in five weeks. I am now on a third round of antibiotics, the third different kind in that timeframe. The doctor also referred me for a CT scan of my sinuses to see if I have any polyps hiding out there. He said that could explain why I'm not getting better. But I have to wait until Halloween to get it done, since I'll be on vacation starting tomorrow.

I will try to work out and blog while on vacation, but if I'm not around much you know why. First stop: Auburn, CA! Then Tim and I will fly to Austin, TX for a few days to visit his sister Becky and her hubby John. I am excited!! I just hope my head doesn't explode on the plane ride. LOL!

Good luck to my buddies with races coming up!!! Happy running!


J~mom said...

I hope you feel better!!! It's no good to be sick for so long! :<( Have a great trip!!

gnome517 said...

hope you feel better and have a great vacation!!!!

Mendy said...

I know this is late - sorry bout that. But, I sure hope you get better very soon!! I hate to hear you've been on that many rounds of antibiotics. Bummer. Here's to you healing!