Friday, July 11, 2008



I am officially becoming a sheep. Thanks to Marcy (stalker chick), I have decided to try the One Hundred Push Ups Program. I already knew I totally suck at push ups, so I didn't even do the initial test. I just decided to start as if I can't do one push up.

I tried it out tonight during my bike workout. Good thing I started where I did, because I now realize that I have a horrible time doing a "proper" push up. I really focused on form tonight, and boy, could I feel it! I think this will be a good thing, though, because I have never been able to do a lot of push ups at once. If I complete the program and meet the 100 push up goal, that would be so cool!

Today's stats:
Distance: 10 miles
Time: didn't keep track

100 push up program, Day 1:
total push ups: 11

Also, I did two sets of regular crunches and two sets of oblique crunches. Need to work on my core!


Running To Stand Still said...

I am thinking August will be my start in the challenge. I will have no classes so I wont have any interference.

Good job joining!! Hope you make progress fast!

Running Jen said...

Good job! I need to start that challenge too, hopefully this week.

Christie said...

You're not the only one having push up issues. I didn't do the initial test either. I already knew I couldn't do one "proper" push up. I've been doing the program with girl push ups. So far so good.

Good luck with the program :)

Marcy said...

Alright!! Another likes pain :P You'll be kickin my butt in no time :-X LOL

J~Mom said...

I wish I never started it. ;>) It's painful!