Sunday, July 13, 2008

Late night for me

I *just* got Matty down for the night and now I can finally update here. He just didn't want to go to sleep tonight.

After day one of the One Hundred Push Up program, I can say with confidence that it is going to kick my butt. I am so sore today! I hope I'll be able to stick with it, but (OMG) it is going to hurt! Tim has decided to do the challenge with me, so we will both officially start on Monday. I consider yesterday to be a trial run.

Speaking of runs, I plan to do one tomorrow morning. In the afternoon, we're taking Kara to her first movie in a theater! We're going to see Wall-E, which I hear is very good. Kara loves movies, and I hope she behaves herself (we already gave her a rundown of the rules -- we'll see if she remembers them come tomorrow!). I *think* 4 1/2 is a good age for her first theater experience.

Oh, and happy anniversary to my sister-in-law Becky and her husband, John! They've been married five years as of Saturday (the 12th). I can't believe it has been that long already. Seems like just yesterday I was puking behind a redwood tree at their rehearsal (thanks to morning sickness provided by the fetus who turned out to be Kara). Ahh, memories.....

Today's stats:
Time: 45 minutes (total kick-butt high-performance pre-programmed workout)

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Caren said...

Wall-E is great! My guy didn't move a muscle through out the whole thing. We liked it too, really awesome visuals. I think we already know what the son is going to be for Halloween, I've been thinking up ideas to make that could be a tricky one!

Enjoy yourselves!