Friday, July 18, 2008

Back to the doctor

This is getting old.

After getting the steroid shot in my butt on Monday, my health has not improved. The doctor told me if I wasn't feeling better by the end of the week, to come back in and get reevaluated. That's what I did today.

I had to see this PA who is a royal jerk. I always try to avoid him if I can, but I am feeling so crummy and he was the only one available, so I told myself to grin and bear it.

Long story short, he says I still have a sinus infection and prescribed antibiotics. I have to pick them up a little later. I really hope it helps because I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired. I can't even run right now because I feel so bad. And that sucks because I have a race on Sunday, but have absolutely no expectations to do well because I am sick. Boo!!!!!

**Coming back to add**
I did Day 3 of the One Hundred Push Ups Program today, as well as a short elliptical workout.

Day 3:
Total push ups: 28

Time: 20 minutes


J~Mom said...

I hope you can knock it out once and for all. Get some rest!

Sonia said...

Again...? Seriously? this seems like a chronic condition, you'Ve been having this issue for months... it's insane. Anything else they can do than prescribe antibiotics? You don't want to become resistant to those...

Anyway big hug and hope you'll feel better soon!!

Running To Stand Still said...

I hope this knocks it out of you. Maybe you need to be on a decongestant or something so it stops them from happening? I just got put on a new allergy med and a decongestant and my headaches are gone. I felt better in general until I had this freak allergic reaction. Day 3 of antibiotics here. Miserable!!!

Christie said...

I don't know how you can manage to work out with a sinus infection. I couldn't get outta bed. Hope you feel better soon.

Mary Gee said...

Hope you are feeling all better and had a great race.