Sunday, July 27, 2008

Oh boy....

...I am scared.

Tim and I took the 100 Push Ups Challenge test today (we just finished Week 2), and we both did well. I did 27 consecutive push ups (I am doing knee push ups still, but I am OK with that), while Tim did 30. That bumps both of us into tier 3 for next week. That means we will have to do a crap load more push ups this week. I am scared!! But happy I can already do a lot more push ups than I could two weeks ago. I could barely do one proper knee push up then. Tim also noticed I'm developing "little guns" (as he put it), aka, biceps. Guess I'll be needing one of these shirts soon:

Don't know if I'll be working out tonight or not. I have been having a pinched nerve-like pain in my back for a few days, so I might just take it easy. If I do work out, I'll come back to update.

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Caren said...

That's great about the push-ups Michelle! I cannot do them AT ALL, I really ought to start that challenge. It would be good for me, right?

Keep up the good work!