Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I am pooped

I had a really rough couple days. I was studying for my second lab practical, which was today. My brain is now frazzled. I feel like I did pretty well on the test, though, so all the stress and studying was worth it.

I need new shoes. My legs are still achy from Sunday's race. Not a good thing. I need a job so I can buy myself running gear! LOL! Seriously, I am thinking about getting a part-time job at a local assisted living facility once the semester is over. I have met a few people who work there, and the facility is constantly looking for good people who aren't right out of high school to work there. I think a future RN would be a good candidate, don't you? So we'll see what happens.

I'm going to head to bed soon. I need a good night's sleep!

Today's stats:
Time: 30 minutes

Week 2 Day 2 of 100 PUP:
Total push ups: 51


Sonia said...

If you like your old pair look at this place: www.holabirdsports.com

You can get really cheap running shoes and it is sent by mail (free in the US).

Marathoner in Training said...

You will just have to let them know that despite your young looks, that you are not right out of high school. You might want to check and get a pt job at a running store and take advantage of the employee discount.

Laurel said...

Good luck on the part-time job.

Get some rest.