Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thanks, Caren!

My buddy and super mommy Caren has given me an "I Heart Your Blog" award! Thanks, Caren!!!

This honor also comes with another responsibility: to post another six random facts about myself and "tag" another six bloggers with some blogging love.

I am really tired tonight and I almost wrote that I'll be back tomorrow to finish it, but I know that probably won't happen. So here goes nothing:

1) Like Caren, I **LOVE** macaroni and cheese. Growing up I went on a major mac 'n cheese bender around the age of 10. I ate it every day (and it had to be Kraft or I wouldn't touch it, LOL). After a while my mom (who was probably sick and tired of making it) told me if I wanted to eat it I had to make it myself. And so I did. For weeks. Then I got tired of making it and the bender ended. But I still love the stuff.

2) I am not domestic at all. I hate cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, etc. If I am ever independently wealthy, I am going to hire people to do that stuff for me.

3) (This one's kinda morbid) Whenever I cross a bridge over a creek while on foot, I always look down into the creek to see if there are any bodies. I did this today when I was running (literally running) to town. Then I realized I do it EVERY time! There has been at least once case here of a body found in a creek (it was a transient), so there's always the possibility of it happening again, I guess. Just call it my former crime reporting skills hard at work, more than four years after I left the newspaper biz.

4) I really love school. It's funny, because the first time I went through college in my early 20s, I wasn't nearly as focused as I am now. Plus it offers me the chance to hang out with other adults!

5) I (still) bite my fingernails. Not sure I'll ever fully shake this habit.

6) I went to our town's Apple Harvest Festival last weekend, but I don't really like apples. At least not raw ones. Juice or ones baked in pies are OK.

So there you have it. Aren't you glad you know those things about me now? ;-)

I am hereby tagging:

1) Mendy
2) Nancy
3) Laurel
4) Sonia
5) Mary
6) Marathoner in Training

Today's stats:
Time: 20 minutes
Distance: 5.05 miles

followed by a run:
Distance: 3.65 miles
Time: 39:06
Pace: 10:42 minute/mile


Marathoner in Training said...

Thanks, I will post it tomorrow, since I just posted.

Caren said...

Glad you like your award! I love your six things. If we ever actually get to meet in person, I know what we're having for dinner!

Laurel said...

Thanks for the shout out! I will post mine son. I love your fall background :)

Sonia said...

Very cool background! I love Kraft dinner not the real Mac&cheese LOL

I feel special!!