Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Finally did our Christmas cards

Well, it almost took an act of Congress, but I was able to get two decent pics of the kids today for our annual photo Christmas card. I ordered them through Snapfish this year, since Costco didn't have a style I liked, and they should be ready by this week.

I won't post the actual card here, but I guess I can share the pics I selected:

I didn't run today, but I did use the bike for the first time in a couple weeks. I will try to run tomorrow while Kara is in school.

Today's stats:
Distance: 10 miles
Time: 38:22


David said...

It really looks like you got the kids to sit still for 3 seconds while you took those photos. How in the world does that work, without them being asleep?

Cute kids!

Wes said...

Awesome kiddos :-)

J~mom said...

Cute pics!!

Marcy said...

Awwhhhh how sweet!! ;D ;D

Mendy said...

Sooooooooo cute!!!!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Finally? I think you are way ahead of schedule!

Gorgeous kids. I bet they are always angels too. hee hee