Friday, November 9, 2007

Gonna be busy this weekend

So not only am I going to get my new running kicks this weekend, but Tim and I will also be working on moving a few of our rooms around to create a bedroom for Matty. Finally!!! He has been in our room since his birth more than 18 months ago. I want my room back!

So we're going to move our TV room from the back family room to our front living room, move the office to the family room (which will also become a playroom for the kids), and move Matty's stuff into the former office, which is really a third bedroom.

We likely won't get it all done this weekend, since I want to rent a Rug Doctor and clean the carpets. I also have a study date on Sunday because time is ticking away before my next test. My goal this weekend is to get the family room furniture into the front room. If that goes done this weekend, I will be happy.

Today's stats:
Stationary bike:
Time: 30 minutes
Distance: 7.44 miles


Marcy said...

AWESOME!!! Sounds like a busy weekend! ;-)

Mary Gee said...

Love the busy weekends like that! Have fun.

J~mom said...

Sounds like you have some big projects coming up! Don't forget to take pics!

Sonia said...

The little Baby is becoming a little Man! =) Hope you got some time to breathe in there ;-)

Mendy said...

I'm gonna feel some of that shortly. I will be moving Grace into our spare room and that stuff into her room. The room she is in, she has since outgrown and needs some place to put all of her toys.

Hope you're not too tuckered out.