Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Night running

Tonight was my final run before the Turkey Trot on Thursday. I am getting really excited about it! The weather is supposed to be sunny, although cold, for the race. But at least it won't be raining! This will be my seventh race for 2007. My last race will be the virtual "8 on the 8th" that I will be doing on December 8.

This was an evening run, which meant it was done in the dark. Considering I have crummy night vision, it wasn't too bad. I kept a nice, relaxed pace throughout and felt really good when I was done. Of course, it's hard to run fast when you can't see the ground well and are afraid of tripping. But at least no one can see you in the dark if you indeed trip and fall! (I didn't, for the record.)

I missed mentioning a rather important anniversary last week. November 15 marked one year since I had my gallbladder removed. Having that surgery paved the way for me to start running again after years of inactivity. My first run was two weeks after the surgery, on November 29. So I am almost officially through the first year of running!! I have made such big strides so far, and I hope to make even bigger ones next year. My main goal right now is to run the Avenue of the Giants Half Marathon in early May. And maybe, if I like it enough, I will attempt a full marathon down the road. ;-)

Tonight's stats:
Night run:
Distance: 3.01 miles
Time: 34:19
Pace: 11:23 minute/mile


Laurel said...

Sorry Michelle. I apparently don't follow directions well. I was suppose to actually "tag" you so..."TAG" ;)

Good luck in the Turkey Trot!!!

Wes said...

Nice run, and congrats on a great year. I love your goals for the future! You CAN DO IT :-)

Happy Turkey Day! Enjoy that race!!

J~mom said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I can't wait to cheer for your half!! You can do it!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Congrats on an important milestone, 1 yr of running. I am struggling to keep going but really want to keep it up. Wish I could be as speedy as you!!

Glad you are doing 8 on the 8th!!