Sunday, November 11, 2007

So much to do, so little time

Geez, the weekend came and went and Matty still doesn't have a bedroom.

Tim and I worked our heineys off this weekend, moving furniture, installing a ceiling fan and wiring our living room for cable in order to get the living room put together. It is mostly finished now, but we still have to move our old futon out and put our DVDs on the shelves we purchased. The room looks really nice, but now it will be an uphill battle to keep the kids from messing it up.

Meanwhile, our family room, which will soon be the office/playroom, is not even close to being done. We just didn't have time to do any more this weekend. So it looks like next weekend we'll have to do some more work to get that room set up and get Matty's room ready.

Of course, our projects didn't all turn out to be as easy as we'd planned. Take the cable wiring, for example. We had to run a cable from the outside box to our living room. It meant we'd have to drill a hole in two walls to run the wire through. Not a difficult task, right? It shouldn't have been, but we didn't know there was a cable in the wall right where we ended up drilling a hole to the outside. So we accidentally severed the entire cable that hooked up in the family room. So half our day was spent fixing that and running the new wire to the living room.

The second half of the day was spent installing the ceiling fan. Why do ceiling fan companies have to make installing their fans such a huge pain in the ass? Seriously, after screwing the 1,104th screw in place and getting frustrated after one fell in the casing, I told Tim that I was glad we didn't do this for a living. He laughed and said if we did, we wouldn't be married. So true. Installing fans for a living is way too stressful. But after what seemed like forever, the fan is up and looks beautiful.

Of course, all this work meant my study date with Kristen was called off and so was our run. But have no fear, as Kristen and I will meet tomorrow afternoon to study and run. I can't wait to try out my new running shoes. :-)

I am taking my tired, sore butt to bed. Night, everyone.


Mary Gee said...

Installing ceiling fans is hard! Luckily my son has a friend who is an electrician and installed mine in a matter of minutes!

Wes said...

You guys are a lot braver than I am. I prefer to get people for that. Which would explain the sad state of my primary residence ;-)

Mendy said...

Oh my. I"m tired just reading your post. I hope you had someone watching the kiddos while doing all that handyman work. If not, you rock even more - having them around. I can't imagine doing all that with the muchkin on my leg.

It actually sounds exciting! I can't wait to move Grace in her new (larger) room. That will give me more wall space to decorate.

David said...

Aren't DIY projects awesome? Don't worry, in a few months you'll forget how bad it sucked and commit to another project!

Laurel said...

Ugh, thats doesn't sound like fun at ALL! I love moving furniture around, but installation projects become too much of a mission. No wonder you are tired!