Monday, November 3, 2008

Meet Tommy and Rainbow Fish

Kara came home last week with a certificate for a free goldfish from the pet store. We went in today to redeem it and buy a basic fish set-up, only to find that every kid in town had come by to redeem their certificates, thereby draining the store of the 17-cent fish.

The owner felt so bad that we trudged out in the pouring rain to collect such a small prize that she gave both Kara and Matty a similar fish for free. And these fish were selling for $3.50 a piece! Take that, cheap goldfish! Kara was so excited! I bought a small tank, gravel and chlorine-removing drops, and the owner threw in a fish net and some food for free, too.

So here are Tommy and Rainbow Fish, as named by Kara (who was hamming it up in the background):

I'll be back later to post stats. It's definitely going to be an indoor workout day, as it's totally storming outside.


Erin Leigh said...

Very cool that to get the fish upgrade, lol. Love the pics!!

Laurel said...

OMG, that last pic is so beautiful!

Caren said...

Well, I really dislike fish but I'm glad your kids are happy with them and I love that one is named "Rainbow Fish" (I DO like fish in books ;) ) Kara looks absolutely adorable especially in that last picture. So sweet.