Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thank goodness for extended warranties

I am so thankful I purchased an extended warranty on my elliptical machine. I had just started using it tonight when I heard something fall on the floor. I looked down, and a part of my machine was lying on the ground. It wasn't a big part (a plastic disc that attaches to the side where the arms are attached), but it made it so the arms began falling off. The plastic just cracked and the whole thing just fell off. I have to call tomorrow to see if I can get it fixed soon. Bummer.

I took my micro test today. I actually feel like I did well! I only have a report to type and a final test and I will be done with this class!! Only two weeks left! Woo hoo!!!!

Still waiting for my new shoes. The suspense is killing me! Blah!

Today's stats:
Time: 30 minutes
Distance: 7.44 miles


Marathoner in Training said...

Glad to hear that you feel confident with your micro test. Only a couple of weeks to go and it will be done. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

J~Mom said...

That is a bummer about the machine...glad you can get it fixed though!

Sonia said...

Hope the elliptical gets fixed soon.

Happy thanksgiving.

Cassandra said...

I hear of new ellipticals breaking all the time! It's such a bummer! I hope it gets fixed and stays fixed!

Laurel said...

That stinks about about the elliptical. Good job on the exam though :)