Monday, November 10, 2008

That must be a record or something

So I stayed away from this here blog for six whole days. And I didn't work out for six days, either.

Well, it wasn't really my plan to be AWOL like that. I ended up getting sick last Wednesday and spent a few days in bed. When I finally was able to drag myself out of bed, I didn't think exercising would be the smartest thing to undertake. So I chilled out for a few days, hoping you guys would miss me. :-)

Anyway, I did manage a workout tonight, and I am hoping for a short run tomorrow afternoon during my school break. Nope, I haven't gotten new running shoes yet, but I hope to get some soon. Until then, I will keep the running to a minimum.

Today's stats:
Time: 30 minutes


Always Smiling said...

Hope you are feeling better now. Get back to running! LOL

Mendy said...

Hope you're feeling better. I hear ya girl. It's been a little difficult for me lately too.

Laurel said...

Hope you're feeling better.

Running Jen said...

I hope you are feeling better!