Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The best-laid plans...

...always seem to crumble before fruition.

For example, I was supposed to go running several days ago as the kick-off for my HM training. Then that night I started feeling ill, and the next morning I woke up with a throat on fire and the right side of my neck swollen like a balloon. Oh, and the rest of me didn't feel that great, either.

Tim and Matty were also under the weather. We were supposed to drive the six hours to my parents house to spend the week, but that didn't happen due to the illnesses.

Today we all went to the doctor and found:

1) Matty has strep throat;
2) I have a bacterial infection in my throat, although not strep;
3) Tim is still sick with something no one can really figure out.

When it was all said and done, Matty and I got antibiotics, and Tim got a shot in his arse. I also got generic Predisone for my swollen lymph nodes and some cough syrup with codeine for my cough and fiery throat.

The only person who has (so far) escaped unscathed is Kara. Fingers and toes crossed that she doesn't get sick, too!

Luckily, my parents decided they can come to us, and plan on making the pilgrimage here tomorrow. It will be nice to see them, although they will walk head-long into a messy house (sorry, that's what happens when Momma gets sick!).

I am hoping (praying, although I'm not really the praying type) to be well enough to start training around the first of the year. Seems a perfect time to start anew, no?


Cassandra said...

Eek, hope you feel better. Here's to a healthy 2009!

Mendy said...

Bummer! Sooooo sorry that you all (except Kara) are sick. Get better soon! Sending good vibes.

Sonia said...

Wow you've just had no break from the sickness! Big hug girl, the swollen lymph nodes remind me a very bad time (when I had mono) I really hope it is NOT mono!!

Hope your parents immune systems are strong!

Happy New Year nonetheless! It cannot be another crazy sick year!

J~Mom said...

I hope everyone feels better fast!!!

Run Mommy said...

Yuck! I hope you all feel better soon!