Monday, February 16, 2009

500th post!

Funny, this is my 500th post and I really don't have anything I want to gab about. Sad, no? I am having some pain in my left knee area, which is really bothering me. It kinda radiates from the knee down the back of my calf. So now I'm all paranoid about what's causing it.

I have also been sick, so I didn't run for a week. I did run yesterday, but it was three shades of awful. Probably the least fun five miles I've ever logged. I hope to do a short run tomorrow. And I hope my leg will start feeling better!

Yesterday's stats:
Distance: 5 (horrible) miles

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Rookie on the Run said...

I haven't been sick but I took today off due to knee and ankle pain. So, I "feel" your pain. I hope tomorrow's run is better for you and that your knee feels better!