Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fake $1 bill

What kind of loser prints and then distributes fake $1 bills?

I don't know, but said loser and I indirectly crossed paths and I unknowingly ended up with a counterfeit bill in my possession.

Since I am a lazy butt, I will copy and paste what I wrote on Facebook about it:

"Well, a couple weeks ago I took the kids to get ice cream at Rite Aid. Kara had a $5 bill and she wanted to pay, so I let her. They gave her back a $1 and some coin change. She had me put the change in my wallet and didn't ask about it again.

Fast forward to Sunday: I went to WinCo and still had the change in my wallet. I needed to use it to buy something. I handed the bill to the cashier and he looked at it for what seemed like forever. Then he said he thought it looked like a fake and he wouldn't take it. I have never seen a fake before, so how was I supposed to know? Anyway, he made feel like an ASS. I took the bill in question to my bank today, and sure enough they identified it as a fake. I asked what recourse I had, and they told me to take it back to where I got it and see if they would give me a real bill. I did, and thankfully they did. I know it's only a dollar, but the principle of it all really bugs me. I just hope Rite Aid takes that damn bill out of circulation now."

So there you go. My first experience with fake funds. Thank goodness it was only a $1 and not a $20 or something. Then I would have been out for blood.

Today's stats:
Distance: 4 miles
Time: 44:16
Pace: 11:04 minute/mile


Christie said...

Yeah, good thing it was only a dollar. It could have ended up being a horrible situation. But yeah, who the heck makes counterfeit $1 bills?

Caren said...

That does seem really stupid, after all the time effort and ink it probably takes to print $1 bills, they're probably not even getting much of a "profit". Sorry that happened to you. It IS kind of a cool story though.

Sonia said...

yeah seriously 1$ bill.... go for big!!!

Run Mommy said...

That is a bummer..I had a fake $20 once and I felt like a common criminal. Does seem like a waste to make a $1.. !