Monday, January 21, 2008

Kara's party was so fun!

We had Kara's birthday party yesterday, and it was a blast! The kids really enjoyed themselves at the gymnastics center. I took tons of pics. Here are a couple:

Kara running down the long trampoline to the big cushion at the end:

Matty climbing on the big cushion:

Cousin Garrett climbing a slide:

Kara's friend Jelena on the rope swing:

My friend Kristen and her boy Nick:

Kristen's daughter Miranda on the rings (her twin sister, Olivia, was there too):

And last but not least, the cake. It was Disney princess all the way for my girl, LOL!:

Kara's grandparents brought pizza, so we had a full meal after the kids played. Overall, it was a great experience for Kara's first real birthday party. Kristen's daughters now want to have their birthday party in May at the gymnastics center.

So I had to work out today to burn off some of the calories from the pizza and cake. *grin* It was worth it. Tomorrow I am planning a run. I have class in the early afternoon and a parent meeting at Kara's preschool in the evening, so I'll have to squeeze one in.

Today's stats:
Strength training:
seated row, oblique twist, bicep curl, triceps curl, pulley ab crunch, cardio pull, rear deltoid raise: 12 reps x 2 sets

Time: 36 minutes
Distance: 9.15 miles


RunnerGirl said...

Looks like fun!

Mendy said...

That looks sooo cool! I didn't even think of having a gymnastics party for Grace. That would have been a great winter idea. We just don't have a lot of room at the house for one. I'll have to look into that for next year.

Looks and sounds like it was a great time!!!