Thursday, May 15, 2008

Can't wait!

We leave for our vacation on Saturday morning!! Yay! I have almost finished washing the ginormous pile of laundry, so tomorrow will be focused on packing our stuff. I can't believe it's almost time! :-)

Today was the hottest day we've had here since we moved back almost four years ago. We live very close to the coast, so we usually average summer temps in the 60s to low-70s. On a rare occasion we'll get to 80. Well, today got to 95 here in Fortuna!! Holy crap! It was so hot the kids couldn't play outside after 11 a.m. until after 7 p.m. Poor Matty was just hot and cranky as anything. Kara does a little better in the heat, but after a while she wanted to go inside, too. Oh how I wished we had a kiddie pool today! Tomorrow is supposed to be hot, too, so there will probably not be any running happening then. I used the elliptical tonight after the sun went down (we have no A/C in our house, since you normally don't need it, so indoors eventually became oven-like after several hours of sun beating down on us).

Today's stats:
Elliptical (I need to add a stats box for this exercise):
Time: 30 minutes
Program: Body toning No. 1


Caren said...

Wow Girl! That is HOT! We get temps like that a lot in July and August but I can't imagine how hot it must feel if you're not used to it. Hope it's not too bad for you today so you can get all that packing done.

Have a great time on your vacation Chica!

Running Jen said...

Have a great vacation!!!

J~Mom said...

It's supposed to be 102 here for the race on Sunday. EEK! Have a great time on vacation!!

Mary Gee said...

Have a great vacation!