Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I had intended to do a nice long post today, complete with pictures from our vacation. Yeah, that's not gonna happen tonight. I just got Matty into bed and it's 11 p.m., so the vacay pic post will have to wait until tomorrow.

But I will say I had a record-setting run this evening following my elliptical workout. It was my first run in 15 (!!) days, and I ran a lot faster than I thought I would. I have a two-mile race in less than two weeks, so I wanted to see if I could set a new PR for the distance (my goal for the race is a sub-20-minute time). Well, I started off slow for the first 1/4 mile or so, but turned it on and ran two miles in, get this, 19:58! That may not sound fast to a lot of people here, but for me that is smokin'! I know now a sub-20 is VERY possible for this race.

I will probably do one more "race pace" run before race day. And I will probably run tomorrow, since the kiddies will be at school in the p.m. and I don't start summer school until June 16. Yes, a few hours of "me" time!

Today's stats:

Time: 20 minutes

Distance: two miles
Time: 19:58 (PR!)
Pace: 9:59 (first sub-10-minute overall pace EVER!)


Marcy said...

Alright chica!! That is AWESOME ;D ;D ;D

Running To Stand Still said...


I know how excited you must be cause that is so where I want to get to!!! Now you know you are set for your race!!! WTG!