Thursday, May 8, 2008

First workout since Sunday

Yeah! I was able to work out for the first time today since my HM/fun fall on Sunday.

I am still a bit sore (getting better, though), so I used the elliptical for 20 minutes this afternoon. Man, what a great workout! I really like this new elliptical already. It has several different programs to choose from, but I just adjusted everything manually today. The stride felt really fluid and it was easy to use. I will still be using the bike, but I think I'll like using the elliptical more.

My knee still looks messed up. I showed it to a family member today (one who doesn't see me every day like Tim or the kids) and she cringed and said "Ewwwww!!" That makes one feel good. It doesn't feel that bad, surprisingly. The rest of me still aches a bit (probably since it turned into a full-body flop), and that kinda stinks.

I plan on doing a VERY short, VERY slow run tonight. I want to get out there so badly again and start getting over the post-race blues I am facing. Anyone else have that issue? It's like a day or two after a race is over, I start feeling sad and down. I've heard it's common.

Today's stats:
Time: 40 minutes (total from original post and update portion)


I ended up scrapping the run in favor of another 20 minutes on my elliptical. I don't think my knee is ready for the pavement just yet. I hope to get out for a short run tomorrow.


J~Mom said...

Your new elliptical sounds awesome! I think it's totally normal to have those blues! It's the end of something that you have been planning for and anticipating for weeks. What I do is just start planning the next race. Even if you don't start training for it right away you still know something is on the horizon. I already have my Fall races picked out. :>D

David said...

You're so smart. Most of us wouldn't listen to our body and go run. Good for you! I'm sure it will heal that much faster for not having ran.

(Do a triathlon. Everybody is doing it! They are fun, and rewarding!!)

Running To Stand Still said...

So happy you were able to start out and were actually able to get in 2 workouts. If you had big probs I think they would have really bothered you after workout 1. The elliptical sounds fantastic. I do a bunch of different things on the elliptical when I am cross training so hit me up for ideas if you start to get bored on there.

Running Jen said...

Glad you are enjoying the elliptical! Good for you, for taking time off from running, I usually am bad about that, I'll run a day or two after a race.