Friday, April 20, 2007

I am going to try... do a run this weekend.

I am starting to feel better from my flare-up (I think the crappy meds are FINALLY starting to work!) and if I continue on the path I am on now, I think I will be able to manage a three-to-four-miler this weekend. It's a bit of a let-down though, because I had my heart all set on doing six miles. But I am not going to make myself do it if my body doesn't feel good.

I have my 10K in a little more than two weeks and I will be damned if I let this frickin' disease keep me on the sidelines. I have worked so hard for this race and I will have to be dead and cold before I miss it. I may not run as fast as I want, and I may feel sick along the way, but damn it, I AM GOING TO FINISH THIS MO-FO!!!

As you might be able to tell, I am a bit pissed at my body, which seems to betray me whenever the mood strikes. If it's not the Crohn's, it's the effing pinched nerve in my back. Those two things alone give me enough grief to last a lifetime. But I am lucky because I have an appointment with my gastro specialist a week before the race and I will be getting on some much more effective medicine then, so I know I will be at the starting line on race day!! And I'll be seeing my chiropractor before the race to keep the nerve in check, too.

Oh, and I now know that I can indeed drop pounds really fast -- if I don't eat for three days in the middle of a flare-up (I will spare the details of what a flare really entails, but it is not pleasant). I've lost eight pounds since Tuesday. I had to go on the dreaded liquid diet (water, juice, broth, Jello, etc.) to let my intestines heal. It is awful, but for a while I wasn't really missing food because I was such a wreck and couldn't keep anything down anyway. So the weight (mostly water weight, I am sure) slid off. While I want to lose weight, I really don't want to do it this way. I actually managed to keep some food down tonight, so I'm sure some -- if not all -- of those eight pounds are headed right back.

So I will take tomorrow off to make sure I am on the rebound, then plan for a short-ish run on Saturday. Please wish me luck!


Phil said...

I am aware of what a "flare up" is and wouldn't recommend it as a weight lose plan. I'm impressed at how well you are able to work through this and stay focus on being healthy. Good luck during your final prep for your next race.

Marcy said...

That's my girl!!! I'm glad that you can still stay motivated through all of this. Good luck chica!!!!

J~Mom said...

Eight pounds? Oh man that is crazy!! You have so much to deal with and you are so strong!! Way to stay motivated!! (((HUGS)))

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...


You have a great attitude and great mindset. I have no doubt you will get through this.

Nikki said...

Omgosh...I'm glad your on the mend Michelle.

Kick that schtuff in the ass and I can't wait to hear how it goes!

Good luck!

Mary Christine said...

I am wishing you all the best!