Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My little bitty baby boy... a year old today!!!

It is bittersweet for me. I am happy Matty is growing into a wonderful, loving, healthy little boy. But part of me is sad that we will never have an infant in the house again, as we've decided two children is enough.

Here's a picture of me with my sweet Matty, taken last week:


aggie jogger '77 said...

He looks alot like Mom. We have two grandkids, one girl and one boy, unfortunately for us they both live in Florida and we are in Oklahoma.
Enjoy them while they are young, they grow up so fast.
My baby is now 22 years old. I still love her the same as when she was born...just a different sort of way....Randy

Sara said...

That is a beautiful little boy you've got (oh and by the way, his mom is also beautiful)!

It's my birthday today, the 12th, and I think my mom is a little sad that her first born is nearly a quarter century old already!

Nikki said...

awh...hes growing fast!!Time flies when you have kiddos...take it all in!

Happy Birthday Matty!

Great run with the strolle...dead weight is always hard to push

Laurel said...

Aaawww, what a sweetie!
Happy birthday to him!

Michelle said...

Happy birthday to the big one-year-old! It is so bittersweet, isn't it?