Saturday, April 21, 2007

Yay for me!!

Ha ha!

I worked out today! And it was a really good one!

I had to do it all indoors because it was a really stormy day. It rained and was windy all day and I knew I did not want to venture out, especially since I have been ill.

So I actually thanked my lucky stars that I had my stationary bike and treadmill. Who would've thought that? ;)

I started on the bike. I figured I could crank out a speedy 30 minutes and then my legs would be nice and ready for a treadmill run. It worked like a charm! I busted out almost 8.5 miles in that half-hour. I was nice and warmed up (and really sweaty) for the run. I decided to start with a slow mile and see how I felt, since the treadmill usually zaps my energy quickly and leaves me disappointed with my runs.

The first mile went well. I stopped to write my time town on a piece of paper (didn't use ol' Garmin tonight; just a stopwatch). I drank some Gatorade and figured I'd go on. I upped the pace a bit for mile 2. Stopped again, wrote down the time, got back on and ran some more. It felt really great, despite the fact it was a treadmill run. I think not running for six days really made me antsy to start again. I again upped the pace for another 1/2 mile. In all, it was a wonderful workout tonight. No aches, pains, or anything.

I will try for an outdoor run tomorrow if it's not still storming outside.

Tonight's stats:

Time: 30 minutes
Distance: 8.44 miles
Pace: 3.33 mile/minute

Distance: 2.5 miles
Time: 30:44
Pace: 12:17 mile/minute

Mile 1: 12:56
Mile 2: 12:02
.5 miles: 5:46 (11:32 pace)

Total time on treadmill: 40 minutes (3 miles even, including cool-down)

Total exercise time today: 1 hour, 10 minutes


Nikki said...

and you come out of the gates BLARING!!

Great job Michelle :)

Bike AND run....goood stuff! I can only imagine how you felt not being able to run and loose all that wieght ingesting only liquid!

Have a great night tonight~

Marcy said...

HOLY MOTHER!! 1hr and 10 mins of exercise!! That's WONDERFUL Michelle! Especially after having to take a little hiatus. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for you today :)

J~Mom said...

GREAT JOB!!!!!! Wow!! Way to come off your illness last week and go get em! I am proud of you!!

Jason The Running Man said...

Wow great post! Biking and running! Great job.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Wow! You go a week with nothing then come back with a bike/run combo. Awesome! Triathletes call that workout a BRICK. Not so much because it is Bike/Run, but because that's how your legs usually feel when you try to run after riding on the bike.

Great job!

Sonia said...

Add some swimming in there and you're ready for a tri training!! Good job Michelle!! =)