Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I must look like a dork when I run

I was thinking about this tonight on my run. I had my iPod strapped on my left arm with an orange armband, my Garmin on my left wrist and my bright yellow amphipod water bottle on my right hand. I must look like a full-on running dork with all my gear. But I don't care. It makes running easier for me.

It was funny, because after I got done with my run and was walking home I passed these two guys who were running. Neither of them had any fancy gear. One of the guys was wearing khaki dress shorts and a leather belt! I thought that was kinda funny because I would never run in anything but approved running pants, usually with the obligatory white stripe down the side. LOL!

Anyway, tonight was three miles again. I left Tim and the kids home this time. I realized I haven't run with the kids in the stroller since daylight savings time started. I've been doing my runs later in the day so I don't have to push the 80-plus-pound stroller. I still use it for walks, though.

There were some interesting characters out tonight. I ran past what appeared to be a prostitute. Either that, or she just has no fashion sense. She had on this skintight black and white outfit with these horribly high heels that were ugly as sin. Her hair was all done up on top of her head. Nice.

Tomorrow Tim and I have a date with the track again. I am planning to do a little speed work (scary thought) while he jogs a little and then we'll play with kids on the swings. I love evenings like that. :)

Tonight's stats:
Distance: three miles
time: 35:32
Pace: 11:50 minute/mile


Phil said...

You're too funny. If you think you look like a dork, just imagine seeing me running down the road at night with my head-lamp flashing. Not exactly a fashion plus.

Best of luck with your speed work out ... just watch out for the girls in the tight pants and 4 inch heels.

Reinier said...

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Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Prostitute? Your kidding right? Gotta love California.

Lots of people think all runners look dorky. You want to talk dorky, how about we triathletes with our spandex bike shorts, multi-colored helmets and shaved legs...pretty bad, huh? But none of it matters. The only thing that matters is what you think of you. If others don't like it or can't deal with it...who cares!

Great job with the run, just avoid the dress shorts...they chafe like crazy. ;-)

J~Mom said...

I used to run in my denim shorts!! Way back in the beginning! People just don't understand us! :>)