Thursday, April 5, 2007

Is it really speed work if you're not speedy??

Ha ha!

Tim and I went to the track this evening to do some speed work. This was the first time ever I have attempted anything like this, and let me tell you I am so not speedy!

Since my hip has been bugging me a little and Tim is just starting running (he's freakin' fast for a guy who hasn't really worked out in years, bah!), we were going to run four 200-meter intervals and walk 200 meters in between.

So we did a 1/4-mile warm-up and then started our first 200-meter "speed" run. Tim blew me away time-wise. And I forgot to turn on my timer for the first sprint, so I had no idea how it went. The second time around, I finished 200 meters in 1.01 minutes. I thought "Damn, that is SLOW!!!" But then Tim and I talked about what the pace was, and it was just a little slower than an 8-minute-mile pace if you do the math. So I guess it wasn't as slow as I had thought! :)

After four intervals, I decided to do two more and call it a day. Tim did another 1/2 of one, and then walked while I did the last one. My hip was really starting to bug me in the end and I was gimping a little, he said. But overall my pace was around 1.01 for each 200-meter running portion. So I am happy with that. Plus, it gives me an idea of where I stand and I *know* I can just get better.

Today's stats:
Distance: 6x200 meters (3/4 mile)
Time: around 1.01 minute for each 200-meter interval
Pace: around 8 minute/mile


J~Mom said...

Very cool! I need to try some of those!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Great job with the intervals! You didn't do bad at all and if you keep doing them, you will be shocked how much faster you will get.

You might want to go and talk to someone about your hip. It might be something as simple as being in the wrong type of running shoe (yes, there are different types). You might want to contact one of your local running clubs and have them direct you to someone. I wouldn't bother talking to your doctor...they will probably tell you something crazy like "stop running."

Sonia said...

Definitely speed work!!! Look at you with a 8 min/mile pace!!!! Awesome job! =)

Tim said...

That was definitely fun. I'm extremely out of shape but managed to do a 6-minute mile pace. Now, if I could just stretch those intervals out to a distance long enough to be considered a run...

Nikki said...

Great job Michelle! and Tim ;)

I'm sorry I have not been here reading...I'm recovering from injury and not around much.

That kind sounds like fun...speed work.

I think its great that you and Tim can take the kiddos

aggie jogger '77 said...

Hi Michelle, my first time posting here. You both did great. Speed intervals is something that I need to spend some time on and is probably why I am currently a turtle, slow but steady. Good luck with your future speed work. Randy

Laurel said...

Good job on the intervals. I need to get on that myself.