Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fairly short entry tonight

We spent a good deal of the day in Eureka at the zoo and park, so I am quite tired.

I tried to get up early to run, but Matty has been teething like mad and waking several times a night, so I am, shall I say, less than refreshed in the morning. I think I will scrap the morning runs until he's sleeping through the night again.

Anyway, after all our fun today, I was feeling kinda tired and weird when I started my run at 7:40 p.m. My butt literally felt HEAVY. It was so strange. But it got lighter as time went on. Thank goodness, because I hauled that heavy butt five miles tonight before it started getting too dark. And I set another PR for five miles!

I went back through my blog entries and realized the last five-miler I did was in late May. I have done one 10K distance and one seven-miler since then, but most of my runs have been three or four miles. I think that distance is my comfort zone right now. I need to break out of that.

But I know the faster, shorter runs have really been helping with my times in my longer runs. I mean, check out my new PR and what the old one was, set just two months ago! The proof is in the pudding. Yum, pudding! ;-)

So much for my short post.....

Today's stats:
Distance: five miles
Time: 54:48 (a new PR; previous was 58:34 back on May 20. This is not a typo! I shaved almost four minutes off this bad boy!!)
Pace: 10:57 minute/mile

Mile 1: 10:43
Mile 2: 10:30 (think I went out too fast and then finally settled into a comfy pace in the third mile)
Mile 3: 11:10
Mile 4: 11:13
Mile 5: 11:12


Mom tried decaf once said...

Awesome Michelle!!! That is such a great pace and five miles!! WOOHOO!! Look at all the time you shaved off, that is so cool!

Alright, I have to know how you track your PRs. I think I am way too lazy but it might be motivating for me to know if I am improving on my runs at home. I only really keep track of my race times.

Nikki said...

great job PR queen!!!!

Nice distance..I'm stuck at 5k and trying to break out of it..I have only gone 6k this week :-X

Marcy said...

Ohhhhhhh GOOD LORD!! LMAO! If I come in here one more time and see you've made another PR I'm boycotting!! JUST KIDDING!! That is AWESOME Michelle!!! It's so crazy how fast (no pun intended LOL) you're improving on your times!!! Excellent, excellent job!!

Laurel said...


Congratulations on another PR!! :)