Tuesday, July 24, 2007

An ode to my mom

I just realized this posted as July 24. I wrote the draft of this on July 24 and saved it, but posted it this morning, July 25. Hope that makes sense. :-)

Today is my mom's 60th birthday! (July 25, not 24)

This big event got me thinking the other night. After all, she's had to deal with little ol' me for more than half her lifetime already! ;-)

I could not have asked for a better mother in this life. She has always been there for me, even when I failed to appreciate her (and in my teenage years, I'm sure that happened A LOT!!). I never fully understood all that she did for my younger sister and me until I had my own children. Talk about your wake-up call!!

During the course of my life, my mom has had dozens of informal jobs, all while staying home to care for us. She's been a nurse, teacher, chauffeur, cheerleader, disciplinarian, chef, home economist, maid, vacation planner, therapist ... the list just goes on and on. She changed our diapers, rocked us to sleep and comforted us when we were hurt. She made valiant attempts to understand how crushed I was when I failed to make the cheer squad in high school (my sis did, however) or how much it stunk to break up with a boyfriend. And she rooted us on when we had success in school, sports and life in general.

Of course, she still drives me crazy sometimes. I'm sure I do the same to her! ;-)

So, on this date of her birth *all* those years ago (just kidding, LOL!), I want to thank her for every moment of every day she has given me. I think this poem I found online sums it up pretty well:


When you're a child she walks before you,
To set an example.

When you're a teenager she walks behind you
To be there should you need her.

When you're an adult she walks beside you
So that as two friends you can enjoy life together.

- Author Unknown

Today's stats:
6 a.m. Run:
Distance: four miles
Time: 44:06
Pace: 11:01 minute/mile

Mile 1: 11:22
Mile 2: 10:53
Mile 3: 10:40
Mile 4: 11:11


RunningCrazyAfter3 said...

That is so sweet Michelle! I hope your mom has a wonderful day.

Marcy said...

OMG how cute!!! I wish I had a Mom like that (OMG that's horrible that I say that) I love my Mom but we're just not close like that :-/ Hope she has a fantastic day!

Awesome job on the run!! Thank God we don't see any PR's in here :P LOL JK!!

Laurel said...

Awww! Moms RAWK!

Mine just turned 60 as well! It funny how we realize all the wonderful things out mothers do for us only as we get older.

Mom tried decaf once said...

That was so sweet!! I hope your mom had a wonderful birthday!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

It sounds like you have a wonderful mother and that's such a gift. I hope she had a wonderful birthday.

Oh, and good job with the run.

Jason The Running Man said...

Happy B-Day Mom! Great job with your workouts!

Nikki said...

awh...great words to your mom!

Glad you got a run in and has some great cake :D