Saturday, July 14, 2007

Guess what, Marcy??

Yes, I set another PR today! (insert huge grin here)

My blogging/running buddy Marcy has commented before on the frequency of my PRs. I think the answer is simple: I started out a VERY slow runner, so setting PRs is currently not that difficult. I mean, I had tons of room to improve! LOL! Marcy, however, is very speedy by nature (try seven- and eight-minute miles every time out, even on her really long runs), and I doubt I will be running that fast in the near future. Heck, I might never get that fast. But it's funny to think now that I used to think 11-minute miles were blazing fast!

I think I will do a four-miler tomorrow and just skip the really long run this weekend. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Oh, and if you haven't seen the cute pics of my kiddos, scroll down to my previous post. ;-)

Today's stats:
Distance: three miles
Time: 31:07 (previous PR was 32:34 set on July 1)
Pace: 10:22 (oh yeah!!!)

Mile 1: 10:45
Mile 2: 10:20
Mile 3: 10:02 (fastest mile in training to date, and my second-fastest mile ever)


Laurel said...

Wow! Look at you go...literally :)
Congratulations on another PR!!!

Mom tried decaf once said...

I have to admit I am too lazy to keep track of numbers to know when or if I am getting PRs. I am so proud of you for keeping up on all of that!! And you are doing so great!! You are so rocking it with those 10 minute miles!!!! SUHWEET!!!!!!

Mary Christine said...

Wow. You are blazing fast in my book! And you have some reeeeeallly cute kids. I truly laughed out loud at Matty flipping off the camera. He looks so somber.

Marcy said...

WHAT THA!!!!!! I'm seriously impressed!! What the heck are you doing ?!? I'll be sub 30 before you know it Michelle, it's crazy how fast you've improved! ;D ;D If you come out with anymore PR's I'm boycotting LOL JK!

Michelle said...

Sub-30 is my current goal for three miles, Marcy. So if/when I make that, I will be in heaven!!! ;-)

I have a three-mile race in August, and I hope to break the 30-minute mark then. Fingers crossed!!!!!

Wes said...

Awesome! Keep the PRs coming, and don't count yourself out on those 8 and 9 minute miles. They definitely could be in your future. Cute pics :-)

txrunnergirl said...

Great job! For some reason, I started out faster, then got slower and I am gradually getting faster again. Weird!