Saturday, July 28, 2007

Running in the heat

So much for getting up early to run.

I set the alarm for 7:30 a.m. and then slept in.

I had a strange night trying to get to sleep, so I was tired. Oh well.

But I did eventually get up. And I set off around 9:40 for my run.

Now I know why people run earlier than that here. Because it is HOT!!!

I don't know how hot it was at that time, but I was dying almost the whole way. I just could not get any relief. There was hardly any shade, and the water in my bottle got really warm and gross after about a mile.

Plus there are tons of hills here. Big ones.


I only did a tad over three miles. That was all I could talk myself into doing.

But hey, at least I made it to 50 miles for the month! Woo hoo!!!

I am now entering a taper week before my next race. I am glad, since running a lot down here in the summer is brutal.

Oh, and my mom and I took the kids to the pool today. It was glorious! They have a shallow pool area for toddlers and little kids, complete with slides and this mushroom-thing that has water cascading down it. They had a blast splashing around. And I cooled my feet off while they played. Nice! We're going back on Monday. :-)

Today's stats:
Distance: 3.05 miles
Time: 34:32
Pace: 11:19


Mary Gee said...

Heat is killer. Take good care.

Randy said...

Yes the heat can get wild...way to go on your 50 miles for the month....and your pace today even in the heat was might try freezing your water and then if you are going to run in the heat, take it out and put in the fridge the night won't all thaw but will stay cold for longer that way.

Sonia said...

Well your splits are still pretty great for someone who ran a hilly course in the heat! We all know we should run early but the bed is so comfortable! ;-)

Have a great vacation

Randy said...

Stop got tagged over the weekend for a quiz....*S*

Laurel said...

Yeah, I am ready for fall. The heat is killing me. We had to get up at FOUR AM to do our 18 miler this Saturday! That is just wrong on every possible level.

Although, we were done by 8:30am and while we were COVERED in sweat from the humidity after two miles, the sun was so low we were pretty cool the whole time.

Well, cool for 83 degrees. What's wrong with me, I sound like a crazy person!?!