Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What's this wet stuff falling from the sky?

Rain, you say??

Sorry, we haven't seen it in so long that I got confused there for a second.

Seriously, for an area that is supposed to get a lot of rain, we had a very dry winter and spring. So dry that our lawn died sometime in May, which hasn't happened before.

So of course, the weather sprites or whatever decided that July 17 would be a GREAT day for a rainstorm.

Especially since this is our town's rodeo week, and there were outdoor events for kids slated this evening.

I actually drove by the festivities to see lots of people "having fun" huddled under umbrellas in the pouring rain. And I thanked goodness that I was inside my dry minivan.

So I stayed indoors for a bike ride. It was so warm and humid out (before it started raining) that there was no way I felt like going out. It's almost tropical!! LOL!!

Oh, coming back to add that I think I am going to schedule four days a week as running days. I've pretty much been running four days a week anyway, so I might as well make it official. So I am thinking short run on Monday, medium runs on Wednesday and Friday, and my long run on Sunday. Of course, there will likely be exceptions to the schedule (like July 29, as I will be on vacation that week and that day is already booked visiting a friend), but I will try to stay as true to it as I can. My desire to set more PRs will hopefully keep me focused!! :-)

Today's stats:
Distance: 10 miles
Time: 34:35 (I'm getting faster!! Guess I need to crank the resistance up again!)


Nikki said...

crap...i read it was a bike ride and then at the end I was like WTF? did she fly when she ran? LOL 10 miles of running at 34 min...hahahaa..Doink..bike riding!!

Great job Michelle..your doing sooo great!

Mom tried decaf once said...

Four days a week running...woohoo!! You are doing so awesome!!

Marcy said...

Michelle what's your workout routine look like per week? (I'm just curious, and I'm secretly hoping that I can tap some of that PR formula you have hidden there LOL) Running 4 days and then 1 day cross training? Or running and cross training 4-5 days a week?

Laurel said...

Ha! Now you know what it's like to run in Miami everyday!!