Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I can see the light.....

Only six more days, and I will be done with my biology class!! I am excited, but a little sad, too. I have really enjoyed this class and made some new friends. Kristen and I are taking a class together next semester, and we have plans to go on excursions with our kids before our next class starts on Jan. 22.

So I still have an A+ in the class. Last night we cleared a major hurdle, as we had to give our presentations for our semester projects. It went pretty well overall. I am just glad that part is over. And we turned in our final drafts of our papers, so the only thing left is our final next Monday.

I hope to run tomorrow if the weather is good. Tonight, I rode the stationary bike while watching The Real Housewives of Orange County. Not too exciting, but at least I did something, right?

Today's stats:
Distance: 12 miles
Time: 46:23


Wes said...

Congrats on a great semester! You rocked that class!

J~mom said...

YAY!!!!!!!! Almost there!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Wow that went fast. Great work!!

Will you be able to do 8 this weekend with all the bloggers? Hope it works out for you. I posted some shirts on my site. :D