Thursday, December 27, 2007

Think we found the culprit...

...that has been wreaking havoc on the kids' stomachs the past two days.

It appears the milk they had been drinking was making them sick. I finally figured it out this morning after giving Kara some milk from that jug (Matty hadn't had any milk since the night before, and he threw it up immediately then) and then she puked about 10 minutes later. She hadn't thrown up since Wednesday morning, so I am pretty confident it was the milk causing the problems. I tossed it down the sink and gave them milk out of a new jug, and they both seem to be fine now. Matty actually drank two bottles of the new milk and now he is asleep (with no puke in sight!!).

Due to the illness and our weather (coldness and rain), I have been opting out of running because I don't want to take sick kids out in the rain (Matty still has a runny nose from a cold). So I rode the stationary bike while Matty went down for a nap and Kara played in her new indoor bounce house. Here's a pic of her from yesterday playing in it:

Today's stats:
Time: 30 minutes
Distance: 7.53 miles


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh Honey, that is so nasty. I'm so sorry. I had a similar deal but probably not as bad. The dog found a huge bag of chocolate in one of my guest's bags. She was so sick, all over the place. Nasty.

Hope all is well by now. You will probably remember this one for a long time. Take care!!

TJ said...

Yikes. There's not much worse than a nauseated kid. Glad you found the cause.

Marathoner in Training said...

I hope that they are both recovering well now. Probably a good thing to loose the run, till they are both feeling better.

Wes said...

Ewwwww. That's scary! Glad you figured it out!