Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Up to my elbows in puke

Last night was a rough one.

After three days straight of fun and holiday cheer, the kidlets ended up getting sick.

Matty kicked it off, throwing up in his bed sometime between 9 p.m. last night and 4 a.m. today. He woke up crying at 4, and that's when I discovered the puke. It was already dried all over his clothing, hair, face, bedding, etc. Ick.

I threw him in the tub to scrub the stank off. He was not happy. My mom helped by changing his bed sheet.

He was cranky, so I decided to stay up with him and rock him in the living room. I gave him some milk to help him get back to sleep. Bad idea. He ended up projectile vomiting on me twice between 4:30 and 6, when he finally fell asleep. I crawled back into bed and said to hell with the morning run I had planned in my head.

Then around 7:30, Kara woke up crying. My mom made it into her room first, and she had puked all over her bed, too! She was really upset because some vomit was on her hand. She didn't seem to care that it was all over her face and in her hair, too. So I had to clean her up and get her calmed down. She ended up watching cartoons with me for a little bit before running off to play. Guess she's feeling OK now.

Matty got up a little before 10 a.m., and once again he was covered in vomit in his bed. Ugh, how much can one little belly take? He got another bath. This time, he sat in the water with his eyes closed, moaning. He is so tired and not feeling well, poor little guy. I think he might take a nap soon, since he is so exhausted.

I want to run today and try out some of my new running duds, but I don't know if I want to take sick kids outside (my parents left for home, so I am by myself with the two pukemeisters). If I run, I'll come back later and post. I am just hoping I don't end up getting sick, too.

OMG, make it stop!! Matty took a nap and just woke up in vomit AGAIN!! So he had yet another clothing change and cleaning. Everything he's ingesting is coming back up right now. I seriously don't know what to do. :-(


Wes said...

Nothing worse than having sick kidlets. That's for sure... Hope everyone feels better!!

J~mom said...

Oh no!! I hope everyone feels better soon!!

Marathoner in Training said...

I hope he is feeling better, my wife would have had our child in the urgent care, or the childrens hospital if they were throwing up that much. Best of luck to you.

Laurel said...

Oh no!

I debated in my head whether or not to read this post after seeing the title, but I did anyway and am now reconsidering if I want children :/

I really hope the little ones get to feeling better soon. I can only imagine how they feel. Poor little kiddies! Don't you get sick too!

Marcy said...

(((HUGS))) Ohhh noo!! Poor things :-(