Sunday, December 2, 2007

Well, blow me away!

I sure picked on hell of a day for my long run.

We went Christmas shopping yesterday, so I didn't work out. Of course a storm blew in last night, complete with rain, cold temps and really strong WIND.

And yes, I chose to run in that weather today.

I must be crazy. But I can't use the treadmill (it's still wonky), so I really had no choice.

So I put on my long-sleeved wick-away shirt, a windbreaker/rain jacket, running pants that I thought were waterproof (surprise! They're not) and a hat (which I rarely wear) and headed out to brave the storm.

Overall, it wasn't awful, but there were times when the wind was so strong that I felt as if I was running into a brick wall. And the rain was just persistent. And cold. Brrrrr.

So I ran five miles and was going to stop. But I was still pretty far from home, so I decided to run another five minutes to make it one hour even. And I ended up much closer to home so I didn't have to walk much in the rain.

And again, I am glad I went through with the run. It would have been so much easier to just sit in the house watching football all day. But then I'd feel like a slug, and I hate that feeling.

Today's stats:
Run (in the stormy weather):
Distance: 5.43 miles
Time: 1 hour even
Pace: 11:03 minute/mile


Mendy said...

I hear ya! It was cold (by my standards) this morning for my run, but my day went on better than it would have had I not do it. There's just something about going into Church knowing I've completed my run for the day, and a long one at that.

Good Job Mick!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Now that's dedication. Good for you!

J~mom said...

I did not enjoy the rain but in the end I was glad to get it done. Great job!

Wes said...

Running in the rain is hard core. Boo yah!!! That's the spirit!!!

The One and Only Tigger said...

Wonky, what is that? Good job on your run.

Sonia said...

Rain + run = a crazy girl! Good job!! It's so hard to get out the door in those circumstances!