Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pushing Santa's sleigh

So that's why my run felt so hard today!

Kara and Matty were sitting in the stroller giggling while I ran. Then I heard Kara sing a Christmas song. Cute, no? Then she said "Momma, you're pushing Santa's sleigh!" All I could respond with was "Oh." It's hard to speak and run with a jogging stroller at the same time when you're going up a hill. Go figure.

After I finished, I realized I was wearing a bright red fleece over a long-sleeved white wick-away shirt, and I had the sleeved rolled up a bit which made it look like I had big white cuffs. I was dressed like Santa from the waist up! Oh, and Kara insisted she go out for this run in her Halloween costume, which was a purple unicorn. So here is Santa pushing a unicorn in a stroller. No wonder people were smiling and waving as I passed by, as if I was in a parade.

Here's Kara in her costume, taken on Halloween (sidekick Matty was just a regular ol' horse):

Today's stats:
Distance: 3 miles
Time: 32:50
Pace: 10:56 minute/mile


Wes said...

Way to go Santa! We know who to call if the reindeer go on strike :-)

Marathoner in Training said...

Hay Santa, is it too late to put in my request for Christmas. All I want is a Garmin 305. Just put reindeer ears on the dog and then go out running.

Sonia said...

You should have taken a pic, Santa's little helper =)

David said...

That is hilarious! It's amazing the imagination kids have, isn't it? Good job on the run, since that was probably not an easy load to push. Unicorns are heavy!

Mary Gee said...

That is too funny. Merry Christmas Santa and her purple unicorndeer!

J~mom said...

Great job there Santa!!