Saturday, September 6, 2008

Someone called the cops on us


This evening we were playing with the kids in the cemetery across the street, as we have done a million times before. It's an old cemetery, completely unfenced, and people play in there all the time with their dogs and kids.

As we were playing a Fortuna police officer drove up and stopped. I didn't think much of it until he started walking toward us. We stopped and greeted him. He went on to tell us that someone called and was upset that we were playing in the cemetery, citing how we also had been in there yesterday evening). The cop was polite enough, but basically asked us not to play in there anymore. WTF? Well, maybe if they want to keep people out so badly they should erect a fence around the damn thing.

Both Tim and I left feeling SUPER annoyed. We don't know who called, but we think it must have been an older person in the neighborhood who doesn't have anything better to do with their time than log retarded complaints with the police. I have seen so many people in that cemetery over the years we have lived here, and not once have I seen anyone get kicked out by the police.

Oh, and apparently it's OK to these same people in the community that our neighbor now has a freakin' junkyard filled with cars that he's "working on" for other people, and that almost all the other people around here have dogs that bark LOUDLY all the time at nothing. Yeah, that's fine but a couple people playing with their kids in the evening is a crime. If we had an honest to goodness back yard at this house, you'd better believe we'd play there instead. But all we have is a front yard that has NO PRIVACY from said junkyard, so we try to make due.

I know the people who called will never read this blog, because they probably still send letters through snail mail and don't have a computer, but I just want them to know they can F*** off. I am really starting to dislike Fortuna, and I want to thank them for making me even more anxious to move out of this town.

Anyway, I did have a race this morning, and most of my day was actually pretty decent (before this incident). I bettered my race time from last year by 42 seconds, which is amazing because there are some gnarly hills (and trail running) during the first half of the race. I had a nice afternoon visiting with my friend Kristen afterward. And now that is all overshadowed by this shitty evening. *sigh*

Today's stats:
Soroptimist and Arcata Fire Department Run:
Distance: 3.1 miles
Time: 33:39
Pace: 10:49 minute/mile


Sonia said...

That would have pissed me off too....

Laurel said...

Ugh, I hate annoying neighbors. I mean honestly, what did they think you were going to do in the cemetery with children? Some people just have nothing else better to do.

Running Jen said...

So annoying. I don't see why they'd have a problem with a family playing there!

Cristina said...

I don't see the problem either. I use to live across the street from a cemetery and we use to fly kites in there. Our yard had trees and the cemetery didn't. No one complained about it.

Mary Gee said...

Q. Why do they put fences around cemeteries?
A. Because people are DYING to get in!


Erin Leigh said...

That is bizarre. Don't they have an ordinance about only so many unregistered cars allowed on a property?

Mendy said...

Good job on the race!!

That blows about the tattletales. Gosh, people have nothing else to do.

J~Mom said...

Sorry to hear that! I would have been irritated as well!! :<(