Friday, September 5, 2008

I didn't realize...

...that Jelly Belly made dog-poop flavored jelly beans.

I am sitting here "enjoying" a few Jelly Belly beans (wishing it was a chocolate cake, no doubt), which I plucked from a big bag that Tim brought home a few weekends ago. Most of them are flavors I don't care for, and the one flavor I do love, buttered popcorn, is nowhere to be seen.

Anyway, I was eating a Dr. Pepper-flavored bean one second, and then popped another one in my mouth. I thought it was the same flavor. Nope. Tasted like dog crap. Seriously, it was nasty. It didn't taste like chocolate (which it could have been since it was brown). I don't know what it was, but I literally yelped "What the hell is that??!!" as I spat it out. So very gross.

(*Oh, and if any Jelly Belly employees happen to stumble across this post, I really DO love Jelly Bellys. Especially BUTTERED POPCORN. So please send me a bag of BUTTERED POPCORN flavor. Thanks!*)

I have a race tomorrow morning. It's the same race I ran last year where they served gourmet pizza afterward. I am secretly hoping they have that pizza again. ;-)

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Sonia said...

LOL I think I know which one you mean... but seriously??? buttered popcorn? It makes me want to throw up lol