Monday, September 8, 2008

I *swear* I will make it past Week 5!!!!!

I am making a promise right now to make it past Week 5 of the One Hundred Push Up Program this week. I have been procrastinating moving on to Week 6, and this will be the last week of said procrastination.

I think.

I am starting to not feel well tonight. I saw one of my classmates in the store today, and she was sick as a dog. She told me something is going around and she's not going to class tomorrow. And she coughed all over me. *ugh*

I was starting to feel a little weird this morning, but now I am really starting to feel icky. I am taking my Zicam in hopes that it helps reduce my sick time. I really, really don't need to be getting sick right now.

So I only did my push ups tonight, and will decide tomorrow if I will run then. Totally depends on how I feel, at this point.

Today's stats:
Day 1 Week 5 of 100 PUP (again, again, again!):
Total push ups: 126

1 comment:

carla said...

hope youre feeling better now...had to chime in that I totally quit the challenge.

that if you finish week 5 youve beat the pants off of me :)