Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Break day

Today is a non-jogging day for me. I might take the kids on a walk, but I'm too tired to do much else. The kids have been keeping me up at night, and last night was awful.

I was originally going to look for new running shoes today, but I think I will do it later in the week. I really need some proper shoes now that I'm getting more serious about running. I want to sign up for a 10K in May, but I know my current shoes suck and I wouldn't like running that far in them.

Since I'm going to spring for new shoes, I've decided to treat myself and get some new running pants. It's far too cold here to wear shorts this time of the year and all my other running pants are OLD. And most have paint stains on them. Not cute. I have so many shirts that I don't think I'll need to buy a new one, but the pants issue is something I need to rectify.

OK, enough for now. I have another 25-minute run (and stroller push) scheduled for tomorrow!

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J~Mom said...

Woohoo!!!!!!! I love running gear!! I don't have any running pants yet! I think I may make it through winter without them!